Purported Copy of Cancelled Final Fantasy Game Hits eBay

Square had originally intended to release Final Fantasy II in the west under the moniker Dark Shadow Over Palakia, but the game was subsequently canned as the studio instead took aim at Nintendo’s newest console, the Super Nintendo.

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potedude2778d ago

Could be a worthwhile investment or could be a bunch of old skank. Hard to tell.

I know that some people pay very good money for old games, I do think $50,000 is a bit steep though. I think I need to keep paying off the mortgage instead...

ScubaSteve12778d ago

who has 50,000 grand lying around

lashes2ashes2778d ago

A huge amount of people. I wish I did. But there are millions of people that 50.000 is nothing to them.

sashimi2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

You'd be relatives and my friends relatives do lol But they wouldn't spend that kind of cash on something like this though. Seriously sometimes i wish i was born into money ~_~

ScubaSteve12778d ago

me to the only thing i can thik of is create a facebook 2.0 or run for government

tweet752778d ago

i still wish square would have released this in 1991 in USA along with FF3.