Daily Reaction: How To Fix The Vita’s Sales Woes

With the news that Sony’s Vita has sold less than half what the PSP did in the same timeframe, Daily Reaction discusses what Sony should do next, taking a look at the realistic measures the company could take to turn the handheld into a success story. - PSLS

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Foolsjoker2783d ago

Hopefully Sony does get their act together..

doctorstrange2783d ago

Here's hoping, it's an awesome handheld.

insertcoin2783d ago

Steps 1 to 100: Have More Games.

dbjj120882783d ago

Agreed. Not enough software.

Foolsjoker2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Its not just about titles tho, its about having a reason to play your vita over your home console. With the size of the Vita, many people really dont treat it as a full portable device.

doctorstrange2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

It won't get titles unless it sells.

Foolsjoker2783d ago

Just saying its not about quantity, the PSP has a good backlog but didnt really help much. Although, its hard to tell with all the piracy issues it faced. Its more, we really are yet to see a console seller that demands to be played.

bicfitness2783d ago

It needs a more aggressive featureset and software - apps, reader, document editor, streaming software, proper remote-play - in addition to stellar software as it is clearly competing with tablets and smartdevices. I have a tablet, a smartphone and a Vita, and sadly I only ever squeeze two of those in my bag when I'm headed out the door. Most of my Vita playing happens at home, but I would travel with it more if it had productivity software.

I'm also really hoping for a revision with a Gorilla Glass screen too, as that beautiful OLED looks rather cheap in direct sunglight.

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Ult iMate2783d ago

Sony did Uncharted GA, Unit 13, Resistance, Little Deviants, Motorstorm RC, Mod Nation Racers, Gravity Rush, MLB'12, Everybody's Golf, WipeOut, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes. And also in developement LBP, Sly 4, PS All Stars, Soul Sacrifice, Ratchet & Clank.
WTF else do you want? More than dozen Sony's games in half a year for Vita. No PSP ever had that much love from Sony.
And also there's Dokuro, MGS HD, Katamari, Rayman, some fightings, a whole bunch of downloadable games. Project Diva f, Persona 4, Assasin's Creed, Ys Celestia Sea of Trees to come.
What more games are you talking about? You just need to be less ignorant - there's a whole lot of software out there and in developement for Vita. Gamers just turn a blind eye to PS Vita's software.

one2thr2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Exactly!!! Everyone is hopping on that "Sony hate bandwagon" and the people that know so little to nothing about the Vita are usually the ones that claim the Vita has "no games" or bring up sales figures as if their investors...

Funny how I own a vita (since launch; 3G model; with a 16gb memory card) and have not played a vita game that i didn't like...

If anyone claims that the vita is worthless after playing Gravity rush, super star dust, Uncharted, rayman, sound shapes, escape plan, motor storm rc, etc....

Then their straight up lying or clearly not a "real gamer"...

Simple as that...

Question to anyone: When did Sony become the bad guy(s) anyway?...

KentBlake2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Many people don't seem to realize this, but the Vita has more worthwhile games than the 3DS (especially if you consider the 3DS came out much earlier).

I have both, and the only 3DS games that are really good are the Nintendo ones (and maybe that Resident Evil game).

Of course both are worth having (or else I wouldn't keep both), but I lean towards the Vita.

GribbleGrunger2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

This is getting so boring. Conversation is dead on here. I'm really starting so suspect anyone on this site with more than 3 bubbles. My immediate thought -- whether it's logical or not -- is: friend of a mod. I recently got called out for trolling in one article because I pointed out that PSfanboys are different from PSfans... but funnily enough, a comment I made in the same section about Sony sometimes make mistakes, never got labelled trolling. Speaks for itself really

doctorstrange2783d ago

I once slept with a mod... but he never called me.

Foolsjoker2783d ago

Sorry about that, esp the itching...

GribbleGrunger2783d ago

I want to know how the bubble system works then. I post reasonably most of the time and even if I have something negative to say about someone, I couch it in jovial or melodramatic ways, so that it's not taken too seriously. I've been bubbled many times in the past few weeks but my bubbles stayed at three. One person today, just ONE (who had three bubbles) took a bubble away. How is that possible?

Foolsjoker2783d ago

Gribble meet the internet, internet meet Gribble.

one2thr2783d ago

I lost a bubble because I said "I didn't know sexuality counts as a race?.... (O_o)? Mindf*cked..."
Of course I didnt use an asterisk, but I wasn't the only one using "bad language" within the comment area of that post...
But I guess I've lear ed my lesson /s...

knifefight2783d ago

I once lost one because there was a story that took place in Philly and I said "Iiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised!" I mean come on, no love for Fresh Prince?

Shikoro2783d ago

This thing is fucked up (sue me). They said when they started that indie game company that they are working on a redesign. I hope that they won't just change the look of the site, but some of the functionality as well.