Four Reasons Why You Should be Worried About Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil has had a bit of tumultuous past, that much is without doubt. From a rock solid introduction and critically acclaimed fourth outing, to the letdown that was Resident Evil 5, things for the late-90’s-born franchise don’t seem to be traveling too well. That’s completely neglecting Operation Racoon City, because let’s be honest, who’s really counting that?

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Kin23g2784d ago

"Anybody who got their hands on the Xbox 360 demo can tell you it housed more tears than a pair of hipster jeans." I lol'd so hard. :p

Knight_Crawler2783d ago

SMH...Capcom really messed up a good thing.

Capcom should have let the RE series die at 4 and go out with some dignity.

RE5 was the worst horror game I have ever played in my life. I wont go into a rage fit as to how disappointed I was but Capcom has lost my trust and money forever - those things that you call zombies were not zombies but homeless people on bath salts. How the hell does a dead bring zombie learn how to ride a dirt bike at 80 mph with a passenger on the back that has a bazooka?

Thank you Capcom for messing up my child hood memories and now seeing RE as an action thriller game instead of a horror survival game.

LUV_DA_BOPP2783d ago

they never called them zombies, if you look at resident evil 6 gameplays you'll see zombies in leon's and ada's campaign

Neoprime2783d ago

Right, their INFECTED, how come nobody who claims to be a RE fan or a horror fan figured this out yet, their not ZOMBIES, zombies have to be dead first, that why dummies in japan it's called BIOHAZARD for a god-damn reason people now use this knowledge and profit please!

Lord_Sloth2783d ago

J'avo aren't Zombies. The zombies don't use the guns as seen in the Leon video.

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user54670072784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

5) Co-op - Yes it's still in the game as a major feature

6) Too many characters you won't give a crap about - Instead of adding characters we havent seen for ages like Barry, Rebbeca, Billy, Carlos who Umbrella have obviously been trying to track down so they can kill them we don't know what they've been up to. Even characters like Claire and Jill where even though we know what they've been up to should be here in the game because of certain characters they relate to, Jill with Chris and Claire with Leon/Sherry. It goes against the story in a way

Why would Chris be in this massive fight against global bio terroism without Jill, Barry and Rebbeca his former STAR squad mates who all survived the first Umbrella incident. If Chris was drinking his life away in a bar after going to a dark place the person who should be there the most to comfort him is Jill, not Piers.

Why wouldn't Leon team up with Claire instead if he is being blamed for the Presidents murder. The one person who he should be able to trust no problem is Claire and since Sherry is in this it would of made a nice reunion.

Jake should of been in the game but not as main character, just a guy who they need to get to before Neo Umbrella get a sample of his blood.

7) Too many differnent scenarios - Having multiple characters is bad but having differn't stories is worse. Instead of having RE6 revolving round Leon/Ada and maybe a third character (Claire/Sherry/Rebbeca) they have too many things going on at once that ruins the flow of the game. You want to know why RE4 was so good, well one of the reaons, was because the story was gripping and focused on that one man vs an entire "army". Too many things going on is going to ruin what the game is about.

8) Lies - Capcom lies in general with all the PR bullcrap is really starting to bug me. They keep lying about what you can expect with this game, now when this was first revealed Capcom must of thought that this is what the western market would want so they glady went onto say it was too attract the COD crowd however now that they have a ton of blacklash about the new direction they keep trying to come up with differn't ways lie to us.


"Oh RE6 will go back to it's roots"


"Oh Leons sections is devoted to the old games, it goes back to RE roots"


"Adas campaign will be classic RE like the good old days"

See what I mean

I could go on...but it's all been said before.

-Mika-2784d ago

No it wasn't well said.

5- You do know that most people bought RE5 because of the co-op. It was a huge selling point and it bought alot of new fans into the series.

6- How do you know you won't give a crap about the characters. Did you give a crap about chris and Jill when you first played RE1. Did you give a crap about Leon and Claire when you played RE2. I think you see the point im trying to make here. Give the characters a chance and stop trying to write them off because their new.

Second there are obviously plot reasons why Jill and the other characters aren't In the main plot. Wait until RE6 comes out before you start getting upset about this.

7- Really. How do you know it going to ruin the flow of the game? Do you watch tv shows? I'm pretty sure those have multiple scenarios going on in a single episode. Do those ruin the flow of the show for you? Come on mike. You grasping at straws here.

8- First off Capcom never lied about anything.
- The game directors behind RE6 never said the game was going back to it roots. Read the CVG article below. Hopefully that will shut you up.

- Capcom never said Leon scenario will be like the classic RE. A bunch of bored journalist and classic RE fanboys assumed that when they saw the first trailer.

- Now finally you're right about one thing. Ada scenario will be a return to the classic RE4 style of horror.

Overall mike, you can't go on because all of your points so far has been pointless and baseless. I don't know why you have this hatred towards the new RE game but give it a chance. Stop hating it when you even haven't played it yet. It just makes you look foolish.

Pozzle2783d ago

"5- You do know that most people bought RE5 because of the co-op. It was a huge selling point and it bought alot of new fans into the series."

I'd argue that most people bought Resident Evil 5 because it was Resident Evil 5; one of the most popular and long-running series in gaming, with an expensive marketing campaign behind it. It would have sold really well even if it didn't have the co-op.

Odoylerules0002783d ago

Coop was a selling point for me. I haven't thought Resident Evil was scary since 1 & 2. Still, being able to play through story mode with a friend was a lot of fun. 5 wasn't scary and most of the time wasn't even all that suspenseful but it was still really entertaining.

-Omega2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"Overall mike, you can't go on because all of your points so far has been pointless and baseless. I don't know why you have this hatred towards the new RE game but give it a chance. Stop hating it when you even haven't played it yet. It just makes you look foolish."

No offense Mika but you have a cheek to call someones post foolish, most of your comments come off as a load of crap that make no sense.

Just saying...


"Mike tends to complain about stories that he hasn't played/experienced yet... "

You do realise he's probably played the demo and with all the gameplay videos Capcom have shown off, and they've shown of a lot of stuff for the game, it's easy to make judgments already. You don't need to play the game fully to see that E6 looks like crap

Nimblest-Assassin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

@ Mika

Mike tends to complain about stories that he hasn't played/experienced yet...

However, this game has a lot of gameplay problems from what I've seen

1) The camera is god awful, especially with Jake as the thing is flying all over the place

2)The increase in action is ridiculous, I mean Jake and Chris's campaigns have way more action than re5 alone from what I have seen... every preview of their campaigns has then in a tank, the enemies are shooting guns... doesn't look like a bio-terrorist attack, more like actual terrorism... the only thing is they turn into monsters when you damage them enough

3) The sheer amount of campaigns is going to fracture and harm the story in terms of pacing... that is obvious

4)That hunter mode looks like a mess, it looks just like dead space 2's mp, but it was awful... the only game to sucessfully do that type of versus is left 4 dead, the gameplay looks way to sporadic

5) Is it still RE? I mean really? Its abandoned a lot of things that made the series great... revelations looked like they had the right idea... but what I have seen from this game has more action than all of re5... avalanches? More enemies shooting guns? Dives? Explosions? Ski chases? Parachutes? Its looking a lot more like an action game than survival horror

6) The co-op is a problem, atleast in dead space 3 you have the option to turn it off.. but here its mandatory... thus a solo player has to baby sit their partner, and the tension from survival horror is gone... Ada could have had that tension, but she teams up with the other characters and you need to beat all the other campaigns to get hers

From what I've seen, Re6 has a lot of content, but most of it just turns me off this game

Revolver_X_2783d ago

@-Omega Really? Mika didnt make sense stating facts? Capcom hasnt made claims to be a classic survival horror. Cry baby journalists have along with so-called "purists." Stop letting nostalgia confuse you. RE1 was the only RE that was actually scary. RE has been action oriented for years.

I laugh at ppl alike, whose only gripe is its not gonna be a good "survival horror" game. Because to claim its not gonna generally be a good game would be outright lying. So stick to your failed attempts of slander. RE6 looks great and the level design so far looks amazing. 4 total campaigns, with the exception of Ada's, I hear around 7-8 hours a piece. Mercs mode with REnet. From the REnet video I seen tons of hidden merc outfits/characters. All this is not DLC. Im guessing the campaigns will give easily 30 hours of gameplay. Any previous RE do that? Bottomline if all that isnt worth $60 to you. You shouldnt be gaming. Your blind hatred can stop you from playing a great game, but no amount of trolling will effect someone elses purchase. Next time you babies wanna convey your thoughts, save it for Twitter.

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Lord_Sloth2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Your reason 6 makes me think you must really hate Dynasty Warriors...

@Mike Below
I can understand that. A franchise should always be recognizable as a member of whatever series to which is belongs. I do expect games to change but gradually.

That said, 4 was said to be an amazing game even by longtime RE fans. 5 took it a step further by looking at what peeps wanted the most. I dunno about you but that Luis scene in the cabin made me want some co-op.

That said, I don't think the co-op should be forced. Maybe drop in-drop out with no AI partner in sight like what Dead Rising 2 did. When nobody was playing with you, you were completely alone.

user54670072783d ago

I can't hate a game which has been built up around the things I hate because thats the game it was supposed to be

I just hate the games which change and giv fans the middle finger.

versusALL2784d ago

I honestly thought the only good Resident Evil was the fourth one. I thought the rest in the series were boring but then again that was just me.

Adexus2783d ago

It won't be like the old Resident Evils but I still think it will be a fun game at least.

Zha1tan2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I have no reason to be worried, I dont buy crap.

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