OXCGN’s Papo Y Yo PSN Review: The Monster Within


"Papo Y Yo is an aspirational video game.

It aspires to things that few games have been able to realize well: an overtly personal story, thoughtful treatment of troubling topics, cathartic release.

By and large, it achieves all such goals, a truly impressive feat. But its achievements vie for your attention with the consequences of low production values."

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gaminoz2788d ago

I had no idea the game dealt with such mature themes. Great concept.

BadCircuit2788d ago

I still think PSN and XBLA titles need more marketing by Sony and MS.

This looks very interesting

Eske2788d ago

Papo & Yo's a weird, paradoxical situation. I'd love to see how great it could be with a bigger budget, but I'm sure that a bigger investment in the game would cause the ambitious emotional side of it to be watered-down.

I suspect I'd prefer it as is. Really interesting game.

BootHammer2788d ago

The fact it's based off the the creator's own troubled upbringing makes it truly unique and personal. Will certainly check this out!