AMD Drops Prices On HD 7800 & HD 7900 Series Graphics Cards

WCCFTech writes: Sooner or later, it had to happen. With Nvidia dropping its current arsenal better known as the GeForce GTX 660TI on AMD, the red team panicked and was already planning a drop in prices on its 7800 and 7900 series graphics cards that took place very recently to keep up with the competition.

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pumpactionpimp2780d ago

I've always been a big ATI/AMD fan, but the driver problems, and the lack of power out of this gen's cards is frustrating. I have to 6870's and when the specs came out for the 7970's I wasn't impressed. But Nvidia's cards caught my attention this go around, I think for price vs power they win outright. I will likely move to the otherside when it's time for an upgrade.

LeoDDestroyer2780d ago

Stock nvidia offering are better but clock for clock the card are within each other performance wise.

iamgoatman2780d ago

Lack of power? The 7970 Ghz edition is pretty much the fastest single GPU on the planet at the moment. Even before then the 680GTX is only marginally faster and when they are both overclocked to the same level they're pretty much even.

pumpactionpimp2780d ago

I know the specs, but when you add physx, better drivers. Nvidia has a clear edge.

ATi_Elite2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

AMD HD7970 GHZ Edition is the Fastest Single GPU card out! AMD has seriously won this Gen and I've seen the card at $460. It soundly beats the GTX680 at 1080p 1600p and 3 monitor set-ups on Ultra settings 8xAA 16xAF.

HD 7870 is a nice card too at $250! Buy 2 and have an Enthusiast level PC and 25% more power than a HD7970 GHZ card.

HD6000 and GTX500 series cards are still available and going for cheap so there are plenty of options out there for Gamers looking to upgrade.

Overclocked GTX560ti are a sweat deal right now and can max any game.

HD6950 is the best bet for last Gen AMD cards as they easily unlock to HD6970!

_-EDMIX-_2780d ago

Agreed. Now could you imagine one of theses in a PS4?

PS3 used a version of the 7500gtx. At the time of development, it was one of the most expensive cards (even more expensive then the HD7970 is right now)

I'm hoping Sony or MS model there systems after those GPU's.

wnek92780d ago

that means 8000 series is coming soon

DivineAssault 2780d ago

good, maybe wii u wont cost so much then.. I think theyre using these anyway

OpenGL2780d ago

They aren't, the Wii U is using something based on the Radeon 4000 series.

DivineAssault 2780d ago

really? i thought 7 series.. oh well, then forget that statement lol..

yabhero2780d ago

Actually they aren't. WiiU supports DX11/Open GL. They are using a 6000/7000. Probably 6. Check in the Nintendo website. It even says AMD Radeon HD now instead of ATI Mobility. The chip they are using... An E6760 is in many ways like an evolved R770. The should go with a 6770 or an 7000 though.

OpenGL2779d ago

@ yabhero
The ATI name is no longer used so obviously it's not going to say ATI Mobility. Also a list of specs that basically looked like a DxDiag leaked showed the Wii U only supporting a maximum of 8192x8192 textures which means it's not DirectX 11 hardware as all DirectX 11 GPUs support 16384x16384 textures.

I suppose Nintendo could have changed it but at this point nothing new has come out to suggest that.

Hassassin2780d ago

I like Nvidia for 3D + Physics.... but as a company and overall quality AMD has an edge.
I currently have a gtx570 and a HD6850 (diff comps).
Prefer me Nvidia.
That said my Nvidia crashes more, but I stress it much more also.
As for prices, both seem on par.
I'll buy a gtx770 when they're out.

NYC_Gamer2780d ago

AMD cards aren't worth the hassle with the bad drivers plus many of the huge games support Nvidia features more often

LeoDDestroyer2780d ago

Three different type of amd cards and I haven't ran into any drivers issues yet.

pumpactionpimp2780d ago

Then you don't play any new games... Let me rephrase that, you don't play any games when they are new to the market. Rage comes to mind. That was a horrible game when it first came out on an amd card. Saints row the third has just recently had its micro-stuttering taken care of, I could go on. And although price/performance of crossfire is great with amd cards, most games seriously wig out during crossfire.

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