Guild Wars 2 Stress Test August 21

ArenaNet will be having another stress test for its soon to be released MMORPG Guild Wars 2 on August 21st.

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CrimsonessCross2788d ago

I was JUST about to submit a story about this as I am excited to at least try the game out tomorrow for the first time!

I am hoping that everyone whom has pre-purchased/pre-ordered will get a chance to experience this game, including myself!
This will be my first and I am ecstatic about it! :)


ATi_Elite2788d ago

Pre-Ordered and I will be playing on the 25th of Aug instead of the 28th!

Guild Wars 2 the evolution of MMO's begins!!!

CrimsonessCross2788d ago

same here.
I can't wait to try it out for the first time tomorrow during the stress test.

Trying to decide on server but I want a name I can represent in WvWvW :P anything else I'll guest over to that persons server or something :)

Big_Mex2788d ago

I've been in every single one of these stress tests since I'm sure it will help Arenanet make the launch smoother. Probably just going to do WvWvW this time and leave the exploration for Saturday. Haven't been this excited about a game in a bit!

shadowraiden2788d ago

brilliant game ive played in the past 5 months of beta events and stress test's.
hopefully going to be setting up a youtube channel covering GW2 with my first video a unboxing of the Collectors Edition that im expecting to be delivered today :)

CrimsonessCross2788d ago

heh congrats, I don't have the money for that and couldn't justify it as all I wanted was the game :) the music and art is FANTASTIC THOUGH QwQ I'll be buying that whenever possible down the line (music mostly)

I might start up FRAPS, get my headset on and just wing it and then post it up on my channel :D

Enjoy though :) and do what you need to :D

xGrunty2788d ago

See you in game! :DD So excited.

CrimsonessCross2788d ago

So am I! :D <333

Someone referred me to the sancum of Rall sesrver because it has a backstory to it, and it's touching so I MIGHT be on that one

If not I think I might be sporting Dragonbrand because the server name sounds like one I'd represent :D

RG_Lorenzo2788d ago

I'm in Dragonbrand because well... Dragons rule!

TitanUp2788d ago

i will also be in dragonbrand :)

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TooTall192788d ago

I saw this game at work and the packaging really caught my eye. That's cool there isn't any subscription.

killerhog2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I remember when guilds war came out, a lot of d2 players bashed it for being a copy. Though i never saw big similarities between them besides very small trivial ones. Now look how much the franchise has grown. A lot of my diablo friends want me to get it.

bwazy2788d ago

People who have not played this game sadly don't know how stupidly amazing it is. Cannot wait for the night of the 24th.

Xristo2788d ago

When is it releasing near you? Check out the link...


....and now you are singing The Final Countdown....

sorry :P

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