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MrBeatdown2781d ago

Weird. It's completely different from the 360 list.

skyrim2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

do u know if this comes out the 21st for xbox or 22nd because major nelson says 22nd but valve says it comes out worldwide the 21st?

Rivitur2781d ago

It will come out for all platforms on the 21st.. Major Nelson is a tool.

-Alpha2781d ago

^That made me laugh more than it should

antz11042780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

All xbl title come out the day after on Wednesdays, so on the 22nd.

MrBeatdown2781d ago

Wow, gotta love the disagrees. Get a clue. If the two lists out there are accurate, they are completely different.


The trophy list looks relatively easy. The achievement list is filled with trophies that require a huge time commitment. Keep on disagreeing with the obvious though!

Moby-Royale2781d ago

Don't be a baby just because some people disagreed. Geez loise.

MrBeatdown2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

What I said was fact, and I got disagrees.

I'm not calling them out over the disagrees. I'm calling them out over the meaning behind it. People can disagree all they want with my opinion. I'm fine with that. They can disagree if I'm just wrong because I'd deserve it. Here, I'm calling them out for stupidity... not for not knowing if I was right or not, but for bothering to disagree despite the fact that they don't seem to give a crap about whether or not what I said was even accurate.

Defending what I said, and pointing out the ignorance of others doesn't make me "a baby".

MrBeatdown2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

So, Moby PM'd me a response.

"Sounds like baby needs her bottle.

'You can't disagree with me or else I'll pout!'


I wonder if he's aware of the irony. He calls me a baby for defending my comment, yet he PM's me with childish insults because he's, yes, upset because I disagreed with him.

You stay classy, Moby.

AusRogo2781d ago

Whoa it even has a platinum trophy! That's just a bonus

Are_The_MaDNess2781d ago

weak, you will get all of those within a day, already got all of them on the PC except for
Rampage! Win an Arms Race match without dying

good thing im only 44% done with the Achievements on Steam

BTW: im not hating here, i just think that everyone should have all the 167 Achievements like Steam does

-Alpha2781d ago

This list is excellent. Nothing too hard, which would only promote players going out of their way to get a trophy. Only real problem seems to be the 4 in 1.

MattyG2779d ago

I got the 4 in 1 trophy in my first few matches. It wasn't too hard.

Soldierone2781d ago

I'm so going to get my butt kicked when I jump back in the game....and I'm so looking forward to it lol