7 Must Own Racing Games of This Generation

ChaosHour Writes: The current generation of machines are no doubt coming to an end, but with them they have brought a great selection of racing games. So let's take a look at some adrenaline pumped racing games which should be in every petrol heads collection.

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katarina1872788d ago

Race Driver GRID isnt on this list :(

Yi-Long2788d ago

... DIRT 2, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, PGR3/4 and PURE are also missing.

Poor poor list.

katarina1872788d ago

He does mention dirt.

Although I must disagree I didnt get on with PURE at all... I loved Hot Pursuit though.

Yi-Long2788d ago

... the only mistake they made with it was releasing it as a full-priced retail game, instead of a downloadable PSN/XBLA game.

Fantastic visuals, great gameplay.

versusALL2788d ago

And I don't see Burnout Paradise.

johnsonbat2787d ago

Dirt 2 and Grid made me moist.

torchic2787d ago

tbvh I think this gen has been the weakest in terms of racing games. we've had a few good racing games here and there but nowhere near what we were given in the last two generations.

killswitchmad2787d ago

I'm kind of inclined to agree however I would say that the good racers of this generation have been some of the best ever....

killswitchmad2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

GRID? DIRT? BURNOUT PARADISE?? All three of those are better than almost all the games on that list....

And what about poor PGR4 or Split/Second? even Motorstorm is missing?

WRC 2 Was trash aswell.....

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