Joe Danger Poster Rips Off 'Hot Rod'

While the game looks to be a fun riff on clichéd Hollywood stunts, the marketing material has us scratching our heads.

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Axonometri3182d ago

It is possible that pure coincidence exists. Happened with Uncharted.

guitarded773182d ago

Joe Danger is satire... the game and now the movie is inspired by Evil Knievel and Excitebike. I think it's more inspired by this image.

Griffin48713182d ago

Only people with a lot of time on their hands care.

3-4-53182d ago

Look at the Blue Stars and stripes in the background emblem behind Rod ( Andy Samberg )....

Now look at the same thing Behind Joe Danger...

recognize it at all?

it's literally copy and pasted.....

The stars are the same...the stripes....even the shades of colors and their proportions are the same.

That is just LAZY.

BOO this Man !

KMCROC543182d ago

I can bet that this game will generate more cash, than any Samberg movie.