MotorStorm revs up its engine for official details

Set in the fictional desert environment of Monument Valley, with scenic views of harrowing cliff edges, wide-open plains and tight canyon sections, vehicles such as ATVs and bikes take center stage in combat-like racing. The goal is not only to win, but also to reach the end line alive as these vehicles are weapons of destruction.

Take your shot at being the champion in the MotorStorm Festival, but be warned that you will be racing with other players and A.I. that are witty enough to analyze the race and react in the most realistic manner possible. The A.I. will try to win the competition at all costs by locating the best routes and changing the level of driving aggression based on player actions.

Evolution Studios also takes pride in the fact that no two tracks are alike as each vehicle will carve up the track in varying depths. That means the tracks are deformable and they will never be the same after each lapse. The game will also feature cinematic effects such as motion blur and a replay of crash sequences thru the game's Hollywood-style "crash cams".

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richie007bond5910d ago

ok enough of the motor storm YAWN,SEEMS TO BE PS3 ONLY DECENT GAME SO FAR....

Deceased5910d ago

Quite funny, I hope they enjoy THAT ugly crap for $600.

General5910d ago

X06 is leaving Sony and there so called "Next gen" Games in the dust.


but this game looks danm good