Trying to burn my dread: ‘Persona 4 Arena’ review | Ka Leo

Ka Leo: " P4A isn’t quite the masterpiece we hoped it would be – especially when it comes to story – but when it comes to its core gameplay, P4A is magnificently fun. Fans of 2D fighters shouldn’t even hesitate to pick this one up. But if you’re only interested in the game because you love Persona, you’ll have to accept the story mode’s faults before you can sit back and let the nostalgia wash over you."

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3-4-52786d ago

Games like this just always have too much going on during the game.

The graphics/ animations are just too distracting.

And because moves take 3-8 seconds sometimes, the pacing drags.

Why must all Japanese fighting games fill every square millimeter of the screen with crazy animations and flying colors and stuff..

you can't even tell what is going on.

I own MVC2, so I'm not new to the genre or the style...because even MVC2 had those annoying things...