Mass Effects Original Ending

BioWare's original ending might have had everyone singing a different tune. According to Drew Karpyshyn, the series writer, the ending was to comprise of the spreading of Dark Energy, a force used for mass effect fields and biotic powers.

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Godmars2902780d ago

Except as a move meant to continue the series - which still doesn't work given the unedited ending - I don't understand why things where changed.

TronEOL2779d ago

Well this is exactly it. With Mass Effect 3's current ending, it gives the series so much more potential. And I'm assuming the "red" ending is the proper direction you'll see the series go with the next ME (given Shepard still lived at the end).

Since having Reapers on your side would just make it far too overpowered.

As for the old ending, it'd essentially kill off all human life. Or maybe since Dark Energy was the problem, you'd rid the universe of Biotics and such.

Imagine Mass Effect 4 without human characters or Biotics. What would you do? It wouldn't really be that fun anymore.

So they pretty much changed the ending for the good of gameplay and continuity. That universe is far too large to just kill everything off at the third game. I'm glad they changed the ending.

FCOLitsjustagame2779d ago

Or you could choose not to kill off the human race and then the next games could be trying to find the a better solution to stop the spread of dark energy.

joab7772779d ago

I remember reading somewhere why the dark matter wasn't used. I think it's because they were worried that it was never mentioned before (not much) and that it would feel like a cop out. Personally, I feel as though it would have come across as the key to everything and the reasoning we have all been looking for. And it would have been closure with the reapers but opened the door to more mass effect with an enemy bigger than the reapers. It seems too perfect and has me in awe in regards to why they wouldn't have used it. And i thought that it couldn't get worse.

thegamingadvisory212779d ago

i agree it could of turn into more than just a trilogy.

Godmars2902779d ago

Remember the planet where you had to hide in the shade, fought Geth and picked up Tali in ME2? That was an effect and clue towards the Dark Matter plot. A sun becoming unstable.

Frankly given how ME2 overall failed to progress the main Reaper plot and how ME3 ultimately and originally turned out, that its pretty obvious now that after ME1 the focus was on getting the other games out rather than telling a story, I really question if they could have done the original plot competently.

"So they pretty much changed the ending for the good of gameplay and continuity. That universe is far too large to just kill everything off at the third game. I'm glad they changed the ending."

Oh. My. God. (Sorry, thought you meant the new edited ending before all of the massive complaints, which broke my stupid meter. Its still broken, so please don't tell me that is what you indeed meant.)

ME4 and on could have been about finding a solution w/o the Reapers. Dealing with another threat, say someone from another galaxy with the same issue who's solution turned out to be sacrificing other galaxies.

Basic point of fact more imagination went into selling the idea of Mass Effect than its story. ME1 got the lion share of concentration, had lots of time, so its story was the most complete. With ME2 and ME3 they started rushing and that's when plot holes became plot chasms.

tictac2612779d ago

@Godmars290 they did spend more time int o the first game it took over 5 years to make i heard. If true that would explain the story telling being so much better in ME1 and why no plot holes. It seemed as if they were worried more about the game play which it why the story suffered.

Xof2779d ago

Maybe after DA2 they wanted to see just how much they could get away with?

Or maybe they thought they needed the main plot to be just as insipid as the gameplay?

thegamingadvisory212780d ago

Me either the ending was vague and would of liked to see where things ended. Since he has written the novels and the game i thought Bioware would go with his ending

versusALL2780d ago

Sounds way better than the ending in Mass Effect 3. Same thing goes with the other elements discussed in the article.

rpd1232779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Sounds good, but as he said, things don't always work out when you're developing a game as part of a team. And the fact that he was gone for ME3 probably plays a big role in their decision to not use that.

EDIT: Also, are all of you really saying that you would've liked it better. Wasn't one of the major complaints that you only had 3 choices. Are all of you really saying that you'd be cool with 2 endings? Stop blindly hating ME3's ending. I liked the end alright and this one would've been fine too, but shit.

thegamingadvisory212779d ago

I don't think we are saying that, i believe it is the concept that we like.

MacDonagh2779d ago

That ending would've meant so much more than what we now all have to live with.

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