Eazo Offers $50k Gaming PC

by Gerry Block

January 31, 2008 - "Chinese manufacturer Eazo has begun promoting its new X70 gaming PC. The gaming PC features a pretty solid spec list, including a 3-GHz Core 2 Quad CPU, two Nvidia 8800GTX GPUs in SLI, 4-gigs of RAM, fast hard drives, illuminated liquid cooling, and a case with a pneumatic door.

We'd call it rather attractive, were it not for a rather serious degree of sticker shock. So configured, the Eazo X70 costs $45,000, which makes even Alienware's flagship systems look cheap. Nevertheless, we think classical Chinese artistic styling and PC chasses work rather well together, so if noting else, the X70 will hopefully give the modding community some solid inspiration".

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ben hates you4327d ago

that is the biggest rip off i have ever seen!

I can buy four gigs of RAM for 140$ and a better processor for 600$ straight from intel and the two 8800s for 1100$

Rice4327d ago

so true, for like half the price of that i could build a rig 2 times faster than that cr*p...

Beren4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

LOL that's true this is crazy p: (i still fail to understand that price) D:

undacovabrothe4327d ago

uhhhh yea fukn right.... With 10k i could make a comp 3x as good as that I do know that the liquid cooling is costly I think but not that costly 45k? lol 10k I can put 8gigs of ram more if I could find a bigger card than 2gigs huge as fuking hard drive lik i mean a terrabyte 4 nvidia cards if it was possible lol I prob have so much xtra parts that I could make 2 suped up comps, buy the top 10 pc games to date and still have money over to piss on.

mintaro4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

GuHH!! id have to sell a kidney to buy that

Fux4Bux4327d ago

Well if you want to buy a $5000 computer and give some people $40k to do it then you're a dumbass rich bastard.

Kami4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

i just checksd the alienware website and "build" the best computer someone can have (a quad cpu, 3 nvidia 8800 ultimate, 2 terabite hd, 4 gb ram, liquid cooling sistem, a 27 inch 1920X1200 monitor, 7.1 system, bad ass looking case and other things and the cost was 9000+ with taxes. i think im getting it later(yeah right like i had the money)

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