Forza Horizon Rated 'T' By The ESRB

Forza Horizon will be out on October 23rd exclusively for the Xbox 360 and the ESRB has posted their rating of the game, which includes a description of certain things you can expect within the racer.

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creeping judas2776d ago

Cannot wait for this game to come out!!

Bonerrr2776d ago

My 360 will get some serious use this Holiday season.. I can only imagine the DLC Turn 10 will release for Horizon.

Forza 4 was a true masterpiece in my eyes. It'll surely be the Game TDU2 should have been.

mcstorm2776d ago

I agree forza 4 imo has been the best racing game this gen for me and i was kind of hoping for another burnout or pgr this year but looks like ms have decided to scrap the pgr name and give us forza horizon and from what ive seen they have taken the nest bits of pgr and forza 4 and put them together in this game amd i cant wait to get it.

Skate-AK2776d ago

Actually it's being made by Playground Games. Turn 10 is only helping a lil bit.

JAM_brz2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

"Drug Reference" in a race car game? Looks like ESRB is exaggerating

ChunkyLover532776d ago

Actually on the radio they mention all the teenagers doing drugs ect... Just think rave parties and festivals. At least they are keeping it true to that kind of thing though.

CaptainPunch2776d ago

Figured it would be rated Teen, I mean it's a racing game so...