Guardians of Middle-Earth Preview: Birth of the Console Only MOBA |

Rantgaming's preview of the console MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) Guardians of Middle-Earth, slated for release Autumn 2012 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 through PSN & Xbox Live respectively.

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Edward752784d ago

Looking forward to this one. It is a game that could be great, or hit the shovel ware pile real soon.

pwneddemocrat2784d ago

"while coins can be used to purchase these skills, potions and, gems."

Looks like its gonna be pay-to-win

Naners2784d ago

At the time of writing, a payment model had yet to be established.

The community manager for their forums posted this though just today:

"There's no official word just yet! Know that the game is to be released on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network, but aside from that nothing 100% official has been announced.

Once we've got all the details together, we'll be sure to let you know."


Most folks seem to think it'll be 1200-1600 XBLA points though.