We Talk to Valve’s Inhouse Psychologist About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, we speak with with Brian Levinthal, Valve’s in-house Experimental Psychologist, to bring you the latest information regarding development, changes, trials of bringing a PC shooter to the home console market, and even unique job opportunities within Valve. - PSLS

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alexcosborn2780d ago

Awesome. This game looks great. Glad to have CS on the PS3!

HebrewHammer2779d ago

And PlayStation Move!


Fez2779d ago

Lol that was funny! At least some devs are actually using Move as an alternative control scheme but get ready to be pwned if you're caught using one :P

HebrewHammer2779d ago

LOL I'm grateful that someone recognized the sarcasm.

Allsystemgamer2779d ago

I've been in beta on pc or a while. You guys are in for a treat :)

Happy gaming!

dbjj120882780d ago

So cool. Really neat perspective on the game.

doctorstrange2780d ago

Classic Valve move to hire a professional mindf*cker

Majin-vegeta2780d ago

Can anyone recommend a good KB&M for PS3?

LostTokens2780d ago

Oh, Counter-Strike. *swoon*

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