Way Of The Samurai 4 To Feature Shocking Rape Mini-Game

TheScrubDaily:"Lately, games have been coming with a few more inappropriate scenes that involve sexually attacking women. It was the “in thing” with the new Tomb Raider game, and now niche samurai game Way Of The Samurai 4 will let players pounce on unsuspecting NPCs. Just how many more games will force us to commit horrific crimes?"

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Xof2788d ago

First, Way of the Samurai 4 came -before- the new Tomb Raider, which I don't believe is even out yet.

Second, WotS4 is already released, so it's not "to feature," it already "features." If you're going to write, learn how.

Third, the mini-game basically involves sneaking into a woman's room for some pre-marital sex. It's not rape, it's nowhere close to rape, let alone bestiality or pedophilia (goddamn this writer is a ****ing moron) and the practice, aside from being -extremely- common in the past, is also a staple of most "adventure" fiction from -every- culture. You don't get to layer hyperbole and bigotry on something prevalent literary traditions of every major culture, from Genji to Lupin to the goddamned Eleventh Doctor.

tl;dr if you say stupid shit, I will call you out on it you stupid ****ing twit.

TheSpoiler2787d ago

1. That is explained in the article.2. Same deal. 3. It is an article making fun of news stories that don't knw anything about video games,.which is obvious from the article. There is even a disclaimerat the bottom! Too bass

TheSpoiler2787d ago

Edit like this because it's been too long and I was on my mobile phone:

Too bad this is N4G, where there are serious articles like this. So far, Wots4 is a huge contender for GOTY for me. Sorry for the confusion.