“Girlfriend Mode” Is A Bigger Problem Than You Think

WC - The entertainment industry loves a good scandal. If it’s not The National Enquirer pissing its knickers over Jennifer Anniston’s love life, it’s The Washington Post Social wondering just exactly how long it will take before Macaulay Culkin dies of heroin. Perez Hilton, TMZ and the rest of the celebrity gossip gutter press deal in sensationalism, pumping non-stories full of half-truths and hyperbole until they’ve got their share of page hits. The gaming press is no different.

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AtomicGerbil2780d ago

The first paragraph made the rest of the article redundant. As for the Tomb Raider scandal, I still don't see a problem, TV and film alone has been exploring the subject for decades.

mcnablejr2780d ago

Please can we stop with these articles?

Diffraction_Fos2780d ago

I'm more worried about the "ex-wife mode", especially the 'alimony' attribute.

matgrowcott2780d ago

I can't be the only person tired of reading about how developers designing attractive women is sexist. It's really, really not. Strong characters do not have to be ugly to be strong characters. Just because they've got a big nose and a moustache does not mean that a female has had to go through more than an attractive counterpart and it certainly wouldn't make things more realistic.

Lord_Sloth2780d ago

Let's not forget that guys aren't all built like Kratos so it kinda works both ways.

Noctis Aftermath2780d ago

For me, the problem isn't about them making women attractive, it's about making them a sex symbol for no other reason then to try and attract male gamers.

I prefer to enjoy characters for their personality and not have tits and ass shoved in my face to try and distract me from what is most likely a shit personality or story, when i want tits and ass i can go watch some porn.

This has only really become a problem this generation, not because it didn't happen in the previous generations but because they used to be a minority but that is changing.

Things are becoming so (for a lack of a better word) Hollywood, where they try selling a game using sex and SPLOSIONS.

It's not hard to see why my favourite game of this gen is demon's souls.

matgrowcott2780d ago

But even then, the tits and ass doesn't necessarily make it sexist. You might think of it as bad writing and in a lot of cases you'd probably be right, but let's not turn it into something it isn't.

If those same characters you're thinking of were made less attractive, would they be any more interesting? Would you have enjoyed the game any more? I'm guessing probably not.

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