Skate Outsells Tony Hawk 2:1; Rock Band, Crysis, Orange Box "Exceeded Expectations"

Shacknews writes:
In a still-ongoing conference call hosted by Electronic Arts, key executives at the publisher spoke on the company's successes and shortcomings in its third fiscal quarter, for which it just released financial results.

Impressively, according to EA, EA Black Box's newcomer franchise Skate (PS3, X360) bested established competitor Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (PS2, PS3, X360, Wii, NDS) by a considerable margin. "Despite the fact we launched on three fewer platforms," CFO Warren Jensen pointed out, "Skate outsold Tony Hawk 2 to 1."

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timmyp534332d ago

but the ports have got to stop. The have to anaylze the way they make PS3 games to create a better product. Come on EA X(.

mintaro4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

cant really say im surpised, skate was just in a whole other league compared to tony hawk: priving ground

Charmers4332d ago

but but but I thought PC gamers pirated games. It would seem with Crysis going platinum ie 1 million + sales that might be a load of rubbish.

theox2g74331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

u do know that if u look up torrents for assassin's creed 360 and cod4 and all those other top sellers, they have more than a million successful downloads, 360, ps2, wii and ds pirates are so rampant and i don't even know a single friend who buys games legit anymore, either they rent to test it out and if they want to own it, they download or they just go ahead and download and burn, ur logic is flawed, a good game will sell whether it is pirated or not
u're probably one of those ignorant people who knows nothing about pc sales and thinks that US is the only place pc games sell so 86k in November to 1 million now worldwide is impossible, but just so u know command and conquer 3 did terrible in US barely breaking 100k but sold like 500k worldwide, even WoW with 10 million sales to date had only about 3 million from US, witcher barely sold 80k in US but went on to sell a million worldwide, 1 selling game in poland now (obviously because it's a polish made game),
sorry my friend but that "pc gaming is dead" cliche is getting old and whole crysis flopped thingy too, do some research next time, buddy

kornbeaner4332d ago

Skate is the best game to come out in the genre since Tony hawk 2.

I am not surprised by the success, a very well thought up new IP from EA. Now lets see how they manage to ruin it, cause it will get ruined.

Double-Edged4331d ago

but before that....
they might perfect it....

still trying to finish the game.

shine13964331d ago

so I rented it and well its pretty obvious why I didn't buy it...It was broken in parts. Still, for someone who never really played skating games it was pretty cool.

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