They don’t make them like this anymore: PC Games | If you’ve been coming to this site for a bit, chances are you’ll have noticed I have an interesting taste in games. Something like this has its pro’s and its con’s but that’s just the burden I have to bear. The good thing about my unique style is that I can use it for the betterment of mankind. Okay, maybe not exactly, but I can use it to bring you games that you may have otherwise overlooked or just plain had no idea existed. Today, I would like to showcase a few PC games that were definitely unusual and some of my favorites.

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Dark_Overlord3440d ago

Still play Dungeon Keeper to this day, one of the best Strategy games ever IMO :)

Xof3440d ago

I miss the 'golden age' of PC gaming.

Thank god for GOG.

Saryk3440d ago

With all of the CODs and Battlefields, why not bring back some good ole games? I loved Populous, Magic Carpet and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter!

Freakazoid20123440d ago

I'm sure they would bring them back if they can get someone to make a FPS out of them. Syndicate and Xcom come to mind.

I'd love a new populous though. Black and White is a little old but it reminded me of populous in many ways.
Xwing is another I miss. That and Starfleet academy. Space battle games have really been gone too long