The Benefit of Multiple Accounts in Guild Wars | Guild Wars 2 comes out in 9 days. If you’re a pre-purchase customer it’s coming out in only 6. As a huge Guild Wars fan I’ve been waiting for this day for years. There will be no studying, no working, and no hanging out with friends this Saturday. There will be minimal trips to the kitchen and bathroom. Saturday is reserved for Guild Wars 2.

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CrimsonessCross2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago ) actually quite a toss up of a thought.
I never really minded the birthday gifts (forgot about it being per character).
About the additional characters I thought of adding in at least three more slots down the line (5 for core game, right?) so I can have one of each class at least on the account.
Having two accounts for a server on each wouldn't be so bad but I might wait a few months or so if I were to pick up an additional copy so I won't have to juggle two accounts so early with the characters. It depends on what they do and what direction they take with this game.
It would definitely be worth the investment if there is anything additional to the game though since it doesn't have any sort of subscription to it :)

rdgneoz32782d ago

Don't forget, all characters on the same account being able to share the same bank. It tends to be a bit easier when you're first leveling alts to not have to jump to another account to get things from the bank to mail to yourself, when you can just open it up and access it easily.

Also, extra character slots and storage are gonna cost a lot less than $60... And there are no weekly quests, there are daily and weekly achievements. But there are tons of them, and multiple ranks. When you complete say rank 10 of doing 10 of a certain thing, you unlock rank 2 which has you do 20 more of this thing or such.

Also, if you really want a mini, spend a few dollars and you'll get 3 that would take you 3 years to get. It says the only way (on wiki) to get them is Hall of Monuments, pre-purchase, or gems store, though I've gotten them randomly from mystic chests during the beta weekends. The Hylek pet looks pimp.

Think of it this way, you can spend that $60 on other things. You can save money using the gem store and just 1 account. Also, having 2 servers is ok, except for the fact that you can guest onto other servers that your friends are on (or talk to them before hand to pick a server). It only really matters for WvW as you can do everything except that while guesting on another server.

CrimsonessCross2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

+'d for helpful :)

Yeah that's quite true. I just remember having to pay a very small access fee in gold in the original Guild Wars so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue. I like being able to share items across characters though as it makes everything that much easier.

I saw on the store site that a new character slot is/will be 800 gems (10$, so for 3 it's 30$)...pretty expensive but is understandable. It also doesn't mean you have to buy them all at once, pay for one, play that class for a month and then pick up another or something like that :).

I like the sound of the achievements and the tiers of said achievements though. I don't have acess to HoM (never bought Eye of The North or Nightfall) so...oh well. And about the mini's, they are pretty interesting I just need to see how they might work for this game though. In the original Guild Wars (to my knowledge) they were purely cosmetic pets to show off :P. Some of them were really cool and to h ear you can get some from mystic chests in the game just see how that works out :)

I do not know anyone that will also be playing Guild Wars 2 so I am mostly just going to pick a server that I like the name of and stick with it. I won't have an issue with guesting the only thing that might bug me is if I meet/friend someone on another server at that time haha. Too bad we can't do a "per server" character count as the original Guild Wars only had channels in their hubs.

I wasn't really thinking about getting a second one though :) I never have purchased an alternate account for any MMO as of yet. :)

EDIT: I can't wait for the stress test tomorrow, it isn't very long but I can at least get some game time in.