Skyrim: Is Bethesda Making a Zombie-Themed DLC Called Hearthfire?

GR - "Skyrim appears to be working on a new DLC called Hearthfire. Let's take a look at how it pertains to zombies."

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user54670072779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

What would be the point in that...theres already "Zombies" in the game, in fact they are the enemies you face the most...the Draugr.

Shame there wasn't any variety in the enemies, I mean it was a shame there wasn't any normal Zombies like there was in Oblivion since battling the Draugr got really boring once you had played on it enough.

I mean the whole Halloween Zombie DLC sounds lame, I mean we already had vampires why don't they give us something else instead of fighting the undead. We want something like Shivering Isles.

Besides I hope they will give us smaller DLCs like they did in the last game. Unique houses for Mages, Thieves and Warriors...or maybe something like the Orrery DLC or the new spell tombs.

Come on Bethesda, if this is true then I will be very dissapointed. I mean Dawguard didn't really add that much in terms of content, it just felt like stuff which should of already been in the game, for example Dragon weapons.

math2779d ago

Probably they are, but only for Xbox and PC.

ThanatosDMC2779d ago

Not to mention there's all ready tons of zombie mods for it.

Summons752779d ago

I'd be interesting if it was something that was Draugr. Vampires were in Skyrim before Dawnguard came out so I don't see how zombies already being there would effect it. Me personally I want something like Shivering Isles, that brings you to the Oblivion realm, just to have some breathing room from Skyrim.

Bethesda also said that they weren't going to focus on small dlc like Oblivion but focus on huge expansions ranging from Operation Anchorage to Shivering Isles.

user54670072779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah but vampires didn't pop up in every single missions. Every time you went into a cave or dungon you mostly battled Draugr....and you went instead dungeons A LOT.

"Bethesda also said that they weren't going to focus on small dlc like Oblivion but focus on huge expansions ranging from Operation Anchorage to Shivering Isles."

Well if they think Dawnguard matched up to Shivering Isles then they were sadly mistaken

vallencer2779d ago


Notice how it ranges from operation anchorage being small to shivering isles being big, that gives them room to work with all their expansions. Dawnguard isn't the size of shivering isles however one that they create may be.

palaeomerus2779d ago

You battle draugr until you are tough enough to fight vampires. necromancers, and eventually those blind subterranean flamer elves with the poisoned blades. Personally I'm surprised that Skyrim has no goblins or Reiklings to fight.

Amazingmrbrock2779d ago

What I think betheseda have done is split the people working on skyrim into two teams. One small and one large. The small one is working on content like dawnguard and whatever this next dlc is. While the other is working on larger dlc, they could possibly even be working on spreading the game out past the borders of skyrim. Everyone knows the map extends through most of cyrodiil and morrowind, plus they have the passes/ entrance gates to those areas. Which they did say was just for immersion but thats just the kind of thing a developer would say to keep everything hush hush before blowing the doors off with a world expanding dlc. Plus each game previous to this had a dlc that added land mass and skyrim doesn't have any islands near it really so they pretty much have to go into the other lands.

doogiebear2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Zombies is quickly becoming the go-to thing for lazy developers trying to cash-in on dlc. What the hell is so appealing about a bunch of brain dead losers that walk slower then the average granny? Zombies are okay, but not game-changing enough to warrant a purchase. At best, Zombie dlc that are not on disc should be free like Red Dead Revolver.

Developers: Oh look, we added slower, dumber enemies, and nothing else is new so please pay us!
Average moron from this gaming generation: Wow its zombies with no viable improvement or variation to the core gameplay, day one purchase!

Sick of these lazy developers.

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TruthbeTold2779d ago

I'd love to have DLC in a 'Land of the Giants' or something like that, where the Giants ranged in size from those in the regular game, to absolutely massive. But hey, I'm sure there will be lots of different DLC add-ons for this game. Dawnguard is better than decent, and while I'll likely skip the Draugr one, I'm sure there will be something else that appeals to me sooner or later. For now I'm really enjoying my Dragon Bone sword and arrows. :D

toxic-inferno2779d ago

Is Dawnguard out on PS3 yet? I really haven't heard much about it, and my copy of Skyrim is gathering dust...

neonlight452779d ago

I heard it was coming out next gen

Ser2779d ago

Nope. Which is exactly why they can stick that DLC where the sun doesn't shine.

I can't believe people are still doing "timed DLC." Have we not evolved past this nonsense yet?

Mottsy2779d ago

@ Drak, if by nonsense you mean money then no I don't believe we have evolved past that yet

000012779d ago

skyrim was great at first, then got stale. i'll just look forward to another great fallout game instead. even though that probably wont be until next gen, i can wait.

TheMasterShake2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

fallout is way been better than elder scrolls imo.

waltercross2779d ago

Elder scrolls is Fantasy, Fallout is more Sci-Fi so I'm sure there will be different opinions.

greatcrusader442779d ago

They focused too much on dungeons with no good loot, after you did all the main storylines (with the civil war one being the only one with variations for replayability) there just wasnt anything too interesting to do when you already got best weapons and armor. Should have had more random interesting sidequests in the cities like the earlier installments, eliminate daedric quests(which were much rewarding to get in oblivion/morriwind, think ive only gotten one in each) and there aren't any notable sidequests.

000012779d ago

thats what im saying man. also i dont like how big the map was for how sparsely it was populated. Why not give us a smaller map with more detailed or bigger towns? same with dungeons, i didn't need a 100 different dungeons, how about half that with more interesting setups!

glennco2779d ago

it started to feel like a real job

-Gespenst-2779d ago

I want some meatier DLC, like Shivering Isles. I'm not bothered getting Dawngaurd for my PS3 version and the idea of this doesn't really appeal to me...

Also lol at "Skyrim appears to be working on.."

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