The World Ends With You: Why We Need a Sequel

Lucas M. Thomas:

The World Ends With You is one of the biggest success stories from a handheld that has had many such stories to tell. It was a Square Enix-published RPG, developed by Jupiter (the makers of the Kingdom Hearts franchise), and it launched in North America in April 2008. It was praised by critics, earning positive reviews across the industry. And it sold well at release, though not record-setting numbers by any stretch.

It was what happened after that launch that really mattered, though. TWEWY began to build momentum. Those who bought it and played it loved it, and they told their friends. Then their friends tried it, loved it too, and they told more friends. The game's reputation grew, and grew some more, and the game achieved that rare and intangible accomplishment – cult classic status.

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TheMrFraz2778d ago

These special somethings are the reasons why I regret selling my DS as a desperate college student...

Abash2778d ago

It's a shame that TWEWY had lackluster sales, it deserved many more. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts makes this series more popular outside of Japan and the next game gets good sales

Shok2778d ago

I wouldn't say 650,000 is lackluster but it definitely deserved more.

Abash2778d ago


It definitely is lackluster, TWEWY was critically acclaimed and held in a very high regard with most gamers to the point where the word of mouth about how good the game is spread like wildfire. 650k is rather low sales, Demon's Souls for example has sold close to 2 million copies with just word of mouth and impressive reviews which are about the sales I expected TWEWY by now

Qrphe2777d ago

Definitely not lackluster, specially for a handheld game.

sazzrah2777d ago

This is like Valkyria Chronicles all over again. :(

schlanz2777d ago

TWEWY what an awful acronym. Amazing game though, definitely would love to have a 3DS sequel.