Criterion's Setting an Example to All Vita Developers

Push Square: "Criterion’s enthusiasm is infectious. “We’re going to make the best racing game on Vita this year,” an excitable Alex Ward told IGN last week. And judging from the reaction to Need for Speed: Most Wanted's first showing, it’s going to take some beating."

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remanutd552784d ago

is this game going to support cross buy?

GribbleGrunger2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one, but Criterian have always had good relations with Sony.

Speaking of cross buy... perhaps Sony should approach devs in a different way. What if they encouraged devs to make a Vita version of an older game on the PS3. Think about that. That would prompt an upsurge in sales of the older game as well as the Vita version, a little like HD versions of PS2 games do now.

Take a game that's in it's twilight years... let's say Darksiders 1 for instance. Port it to the Vita but also make it cross buy. I think that's a better strategy for the short term than trying to get devs to create both versions simultaneously. Of course as time passes newer games would be included.

I honestly think that would work. Many on here wouldn't because they'll be adamant that they already have the game, but there are plenty of people out there that didn't buy it on the PS3. Two for the price of one could just make them finally buy it and devs would make money off of a game that has stopped selling in any significant numbers

Kurisu2783d ago

Heavenly Sword Vita! That would be great :)

sarshelyam2783d ago

You know the thing about has me considering purchases of games I'd otherwise pass up. Not the SCEA stuff, I'd pick those up without question, but third party releases, especially racing games? I'd be all in!

hkgamer2783d ago

Cross Buy may work ideally with digital downloads. Sony cuts out the middle-man(retail) so more profits are gained from every purchase. Therefore, Sony can potentially reimburse devs or provide them with a deal for cross buy games.
Also, some games that are PSN exclusive that were planned for a $30-40 release could possibly be charged for $40-50 and have cross buy.
I guess it depends on what Sony's plan on the Vita is.

himdeel2784d ago

In the case of Criterion I wish they would port over Burnout Paradise. As much as I want new unique IPs for the Vita I'd enjoy having Burnout Paradise on my Vita.

Kurisu2783d ago

I'd prefer a HD Burnout 3: Takedown. It was much more fun, in my opinion.

nevin12783d ago

"Criterion's Setting an Example to All Vita Developers"

I thought this was just a direct port from the 360/PS3 version?

Noctis Aftermath2783d ago

Yes it is, but it has all the same features as the console versions, going by pictures so far it looks great.

They done the port themselves! the same people who made the ps3/360/pc version is making the vita version!
While that might not sound exciting to you, the vita has been getting quick/cheap ports that cut content and don't offer parity with the console versions making the vita look bad and less appealing.

souljah452783d ago

It's not a port its being developed alongside the ps3 version. It's like saying COD:black ops 2 on xbox 360 is a ps3 port

NiKK_4192783d ago

Well, it is, but it's the other way around. The PS3 version is a 360 port.

2783d ago
mafiahajeri2783d ago

Probably the only racing game...

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The story is too old to be commented.