Fall of Cybertron on Blu-ray and PSN Tomorrow, Launch Trailer

Posted by Matt Tieger // Game Director, High Moon Studios -

Excited to join you today as we celebrate the impending release of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron with our new launch trailer. We have what we believe is the most complete Transformers game ever. There are so many different Transformers that are playable and many of them — the Dinobots, Metroplex, the Combaticons — are appearing for the first time.

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yesmynameissumo2787d ago

Really dig these release day digital downloads. Keep it up!

optimus2787d ago

I'm on the fence with these full game downloads as it only leads to less and less space on your hardrive...almost did the walmart pre-order as it comes with a free copy of war of cybertron but that is a digital download so i'm passing.

yesmynameissumo2787d ago

I upgraded my HDD from 120GB to 1TB for $90. Kinda had to b/c of PS+ and all the games they were giving. Free yourself optimus! Free yourself!

Rainstorm812787d ago

Yep thats my next move i already upgraded to 320GB a few years back but im going to step it up to 1GB next week....between PS+ and Full game downloads and the media on my ps3, I need it

MadMax2787d ago

Heck with all that noise! They need to do away with digital altogether. I like to actually own something i can grasp, maybe with some resale value too!

optimus2787d ago

I have a 360 so the only freeing i can do is up to 250gb and that surely doesn't cost 90 bucks...madmax knows what i'm talking about.