Parable: Papa & Yo Review

Papo & Yo is one of those rather confusing games that like to mess around with the idea of a review “code”. Taken on a purely mechanical level, Papo & Yo is disappointing simply due to simplicity of the puzzles and incredibly awkward jumping controls however, and this is what makes this review process so awkward, it hides a fantastic, dark story that sticks with you far beyond the actual gameplay ever could.

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Kran2790d ago

"Parable: Papa & Yo Review"


OhMyGandhi2790d ago

...This was one of my most anticipated games, for it's shear emotional punch that it was packing, and what kills me is that the execution isn't (at least from the sound of it) nearly as polished as it should be, which detracts from an otherwise honest game in an industry saturated with impersonal, distant, cold videogame heroes with only killing on their mind.

Sketchy_Galore2790d ago

You should still give it a try. It might have a few rough edges but it delivered exactly what I was looking for. It might not have the smoothest gameplay or most challenging puzzles but it's got a beautiful atmosphere and if you're not profoundly emotionally moved by the end of the game you're not human.

I too was looking forward to this one a lot and worried by the low review scores but I was incredibly relieved when I actually played it. It feels low budget but not lazy. You sound like you have the intelligence to look past the lack of polish (which is far easier to do than the low review scores might indicate) and appreciate this game for the beautiful heartfelt work of art it is.

Parable2789d ago

Yeah, you really should give it a try. It's an achingly beautiful and emotional game at times.

HebrewHammer2789d ago

I loved it a lot. I played post-1.01, and I'm assuming that fixed all the crap that lead IGN to give it a 4/10.

Actually, it was the first game to make me tear up a bit.

r212789d ago

Was the story that great? :O

HebrewHammer2789d ago

Very. Hit me harder than any of ThatGameCompany's titles

r212789d ago

Hmm, interesting, thanks for the info. Hopefully the story will be quite impacting for me :)