Postcard Review: Do gamers dream of murderous sheep?

(Editor’s note: In this new feature series, members of the Pixelitis staff write small, easily digestible reviews big enough to ‘fit on a postcard’ – hence the title. It can be about the whole experience or just a small piece of the pie. No scores needed.)

"Moral ambiguity has been something that has resided largely outside of the videogame format. Sure, sometimes its obvious the plot leans toward providing an allegory for humanity as a whole, but it isn’t very often that a videogame directly deals with these questions.

However, Catherine manages to integrate questions on how we view our love lives with how we play our videogames. By giving actions in the game tangible consequences, it forces the player to be wary of just how they play this game as they may end up in a situation they don’t want to be in.

Moral ambiguity goes well with this darkly humorous foray into love, lust and death. The puzzles wrack the brain while the ambiance wracks the heart. Classical scores are twisted to become melodies of mayhem fit to narrate nightmares."

- Tom Farndon

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