Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - A look at customization

A video showcasing what the character customization options entail in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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ShadesMoolah2777d ago

Expect to see loads of DLC costume packs


Damn she was right about me missing her ass( avatar pic )
* on topic
yea but hopefully they include kick ass costumes or ps eye photos so you can put yourself in the clothes

bunt-custardly2777d ago

The original TTT was my first PS2 game if I recall correctly.

Redempteur2777d ago

now loading ...

So much loading ...

Gran Touring2776d ago

It's not actually loading, read the video description:

"Please note: Namco did not allow video capture from this build so I had to improvise with screen grabs."

Skynetone2777d ago

i played Tekken Tag Tournament 1 for like 7 years, not once did i say i wish i could customize my character, just give me some random colours and its all good, changing the background stage, know thats different, the abilty to change your background stage would be epic and to be able to download user created levels would be cool

chaostrophies2771d ago

"i don't need customization, but user created levels would be cool"

Max-Zorin2777d ago

Capcom would have charged you for all of this and characters.

vortis2776d ago

Capcom DID charge you for all of this and characters.

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