PlayStation Store Preview – August 21, 2012

This week, go backwards with Retro/Grade, or go back into time with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Or forget all of that and go for the kill in CounterStrike: Global Offensive. If none of that does it for you, there’s plenty of other content in this week’s massive update. Check it out. - PSLS

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Sev3864d ago

You can play Retro/Grade with a guitar... so strange.

doctorstrange3864d ago

This game has been in development so long that the guitar feature was added during the music game boom.

hazelamy3863d ago

i'd imagine there are quite a few players who still have one of the guitars lying around somewhere though.

dbjj120883864d ago

Retro/Grade? PFfffffttt. Trying playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a guitar.

Sev3864d ago

LMFAO. I can only imagine. I should trying playing ALL games with a Guitar, with my teeth instead of fingers. Jimi Hendrix FTW!

finbars753863d ago

LOL Thats what im saying.WTF is retro/grade anyways oh yeah its not called Counterstrike so who gives a sweet f$%k.

himdeel3863d ago

Every time I see these updates for the store and go the the PS Vita tab and see nothing...or some random DLC, I get kind of bummed EVEN though I have games on my Vita I'm currently playing and enjoying.

FinaLXiii3864d ago

Sleeping Dogs demo! hurray

mafiahajeri3863d ago

You need a demo to buy? Trust me you DONT!

FinaLXiii3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

New Ip´s need demos belive it or not.

Sikct9a3863d ago

Per ordered counter strike, can't wait.

BelieveinGhosts3863d ago

How do i pre-oder CS:GO on UK PSN

Hazmat133863d ago

how much is CSGO? cuz im saving my money to buy cute kitteh!

guitarded773863d ago

It's $15 or $12 with PS+. I pre-ordered and picked up a HORI T.A.C.3 keypad/mouse set up for the PS3 from Best Buy for $20... hell of a deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.