Pachter explains what happened to 3D gaming

Pachter recently sat down with Examiner and discussed his job as an industry analyst, why you never hear about 3D gaming anymore, and what he thinks the future of entertainment holds.

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sak5002784d ago

Redgehammer = Michael Pachter

pandaboy2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Pachter is king. All hail.

Hufandpuf2784d ago

it was a gimmick.

ChrisW2784d ago

Gimmick? Hmmm... Sort of... However, PC games are still releasing games with 3D gaming quality levels. I think consoles gamers were just not ready to buy into it.

tweet752784d ago

until 3d doesnt require glasses and is standard in tvs it will not be popular

GribbleGrunger2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I have to agree. I can see it being handy for games that require depth of field, but I detest 3D movies. How the heck 3D improves a movie I'll never know. It's even started to annoy me when I watch films in 2D that I know are also in 3D. I'm forever getting pulled out of the story by stuff flying at the screen and thinking: 'I bet that was in 3D'.

You're supposed to get caught up in the emotions, characters and story, not chuckle because you couldn't help yourself ducking. And if you eventually get used to it and don't notice it's in 3D... WHAT WAS THE POINT?!

Novels are for grown ups, pop-up books are for kids

tweet752784d ago

thats true ...3d has never added anything to how much I enjoy a movie.

sak5002784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I have a 42" 3D tv and a 50" regular plasma. I have played fps games in 3D like crysis/MW2. It looks fun for a while but can't keep playing it for long periods. I went back to gaming on 50" after few days of play.

ON the other hand love to watch movies at home in 3D and now I assume that even if i've missed the 3D movie in theater I can still watch it in 3D when released. EVEn though those are released after a long time.

I watched Transformers 3 in theater and still got the 3D version and still looks good not better but good on a 42" screen.

Unless 3D becomes a standard feature in a TV like 1080p is almost the norm now, (not when i bought my 1st HD back in 2005 when 720p was considered HD standard) it will not be on every ones mind when buying a new HD TV. It will take more content being available including more 3D channels before regular joe can pick up a 3D TV.

nukeitall2784d ago

Until it actually is a comfortable to use, and is cheap enough, there won't be any adopton.

The worst thing about it, is that the technology wasnt ready so this push actually hurt the industry. Consumers will for a long time think 3D will continue to suck....

dazzrazz2784d ago

I saw couple of theater movies in 3D all made my eyes literally bleed after half an hour...

m-s-8-22784d ago

I happen to enjoy my 3d tv. By far the best recreational item I bought last year. Playing Uncharted 3 on it was a blast.

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The story is too old to be commented.