PSP outselling Vita 2:1, new Sony data reveals

PSP sold more than twice as many units as Vita managed during Sony's most recent financial quarter, new data shows. The contrasting performances of the two handheld systems were revealed today when Sony confirmed to CVG that worldwide Vita sales stood at 2.2 million units as of June 30, 2012.

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avengers19782785d ago

That's cause psp's are cheap as hell and there are tons of games for it... It's amazing to me that sony kept both handhelds of the market, but they did with PS2 and PS3 also...PS2 still sells... not much but it does. They should offer a promotion to buy back peoples PSP for PSVita discounts. If you like PSP then you will LOVE the vita

Dread2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

then i guess it is good news?

i am confused.

tehpees32785d ago

I would say bad. The Vita is the one with the future ahead of it now. PSP might be getting support in Japan but for the rest of the world its dead.

silvacrest2785d ago

the 3Ds has managed to get passed this despite being in the same position you mentioned

no trolling from me, i want the vita to do well, im just not sure what needs to be done

and easy step would be a price cut.....

bicfitness2785d ago

How's the DS selling these days? Might want to check that out. Hint: NOT WELL.

Its a bit of an accomplishment that the PSP is still selling as well as it is. Nintendo already dropped the price as much as they could (40%) and have no wiggle room for pricing for about the next 2 years. Plus, they tapped into the $150 market already, so that card has been played if sales start to slump. A card that is traditionally played much far, far later than 6 months into the console game.

Sony is right in keeping the price high. At least until the Vita has a year's worth of features and games and in view of the PSP still being viable in the marketplace.

CommonSenseGamer2785d ago


That's the point he's making. The 3DS eclipsed DS sales which is a good thing. I'll bet sony were hoping the the 2:1 would have been in favor of the Vita by now.

tiffac0082785d ago

I think the other reason for this, is a lot of Japanese game developers still have games coming out for the PSP.

Even if these games are available by download for the Vita, a gamer won't just jump the gun to buy a new handheld when he/she can play a new game on the previous gen one.

The DS/3DS eco system does not have this dilemma. I think Ninty did a better job with the transition than Sony did when it comes to the software releases between their handhelds.

TheDivine2785d ago

Thats true which is why BC is so important. You want people to upgrade from ds to 3ds, from psp to vita. Problem is 90% of psp games dont work on vita (and you have to rebuy them if u have umd's) and a few of the best arent on the store (5-10 of my favorites) so theres no reason to upgrade from the psp. In fact if you had neither i would go for the psp at the moment. The 3ds can play every ds game and theres alot of huge 3ds games. Not comparing for argument sake just saying what i think sony could do to make more people want to upgrade, its a damn fine handheld.

YodaCracker2785d ago

That's pretty embarrassing.

GribbleGrunger2785d ago

This comment really exposes the problem here. You see, there are two ways of looking at this:

1/ A handheld that was proclaimed dead still outsold its bigger brother (round of applause)

2/A New handheld gets beaten by an old handheld (boos all round)

But they're both owned by Sony, so it's guffaws all round for anyone with common sense. You have to remember too that anyone buying games for the PSP online will also be able to play those games for free on the Vita. This strategy is nothing new either, but for some reason it's terrible for the Vita. PS1/PS2 PS2/PS3 PSP/PSVita and when the PS4 releases, PS3/PS4.

It's just the way that Sony roll

darthv722785d ago

for a the former platform to continue to sell upwardly more than the newer.

Ive said it many times. Sony's biggest competition is itself. While it is obvious that Nintendo sells crap loads of handhelds, they do so on the idea of 'almost' full backward compatibility.

Unfortunately that isnt the case for sony. They want to move the industry forward and as such a sacrifice would be the ability to just play your existing library on the new machine. To a certain extent that is.

Obvioulsy i am referring to UMD titles which clearly out number the digital releases. People can get a PSP for cheap and then go on a spending spree picking up UMD titles as well as digital versions.

One advantage for the vita is the forward thinking with digital copies that you own for PSP are playable (some-most)on the vita. Maybe not all of them right now but there is potential that the full library of digital psp titles will be fully playable on the vita at some point.

Nintendo has been one to really not want to bite the hand that feeds them so that is why they continue to offer at least one generational format of backward compatibility in their handheld. GBC played GB, GBA played GB/GBC, DS played GBA, DSi played DS, 3ds plays DS/DSiware.

The vita will be fine. Sony knows what they are doing.

Blankman852785d ago

Not great when you're trying to secure 3rd party support for your device. Plus PSP software sales are almost nonexistent to add on to the business headache SONY is facing in this situation.
They are doomed to keep playing catch up in the handheld market if they continue in both hardware and software if this trend continues.

GribbleGrunger2785d ago

You sell oranges and apples on your stall. You make profits on your oranges but not on your apples and you don't sell as many as the stall next door. What do you do as a business? Carry on selling the oranges or dump the oranges and take a loss to beat the stall next to you?

Take that in and consider it for future conversations.

CommonSenseGamer2785d ago

Yeah, but the so called dead console is not exactly setting the world on fire with its sales though is it.

DigitalAnalog2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Personally, I believe SONY has jumped the gun on Vita. They should continued to monitor the smartphone market. As you can see the Vita (at that time) was somewhat of a power-house for the handheld and it is still today. The problem is that they tried to make it a selling point that can easily be over-eclipsed by other similar device who is improving on a year-to-year bases.

Personally, as much as I love my Vita. The only saving grace for this device is the first-party console exclusives and hopefully the handheld defining ones as it is. Sony could've used SONY BEND and other studios to work on the SOE PC market as there is already too much competition on the consoles alone. Trying to reinvigorate that flame on a Vita when MANY other 3rd parties are trying to dumb down to FTP and focus on "next-gen" graphics is the biggest problem for the Vita. The 2nd biggest problem are the memory cards, yes we can justify that it could limit potential hacking or delay them long enough for the software to keep selling but it's still overpriced and the ONLY real questionable aspect of the Vita.

Why work and optimize for Vita's graphics when 2 years down the line could be easily surpassed with minimal effort with the new smartphones? 3rd party devs are no longer interested in pushing gaming boundaries but rather finding ways to keep itself afloat.

The Vita, despite fulfilling every possible checklist to make it developer friendly still ends up having the same EXACT SAME criticism as the PS3 had when it WASN'T developer friendly and LAUNCHED WITH A HUGE PRICE. I find this hypocrisy disgusting and revile. What happened to the days when developers wanted to try something new and evolve gaming to new level?

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rezzah2785d ago

It is a reflection of the economy.

Well that is what it looks like to me.

It felt strange to see people buying PS2s when the PS3 was out at first, but then you have to understand that these people could never afford new technology.

CommonSenseGamer2785d ago

Its a reflection of the fact that Sony were taking a gamble with coming out with a product with such limited appeal. The economy does not seem to be having much effect on tablet and smartphone sales which are twice as expensive.

Ben_Grimm2785d ago

My PSP collected dust for a long time. But being able to hack it and put a ton of games and emulators on it made it super ideal.

BIGBOSS082785d ago

i think its time for sony to phase out the psp and ps2 and just concentrate on PS3 and vita.

capcock2785d ago

are u dumb? Ps2 has an amazing library of games and so does the PSP, not to mention psp with cfw is the best handheld gaming device u can have... shits on smartphones and the vita combined

GribbleGrunger2785d ago

Yeah that makes sense. Sony should throw away the profits from PSP and PS2 and hopefully piss off the devs that still support the PSP and devs that support PSN... great idea

asmith23062785d ago

I think Vitas take off will happen this christmas. If it doesn't happen for it this christmas with the lineup that is on the way to it, I will have my doubts about its ability to succeed in the long run.

rezzah2785d ago

I don't think time is the only factor.

What made the PS3 start to shine is the large amount of of high quality exclusives.

Until this happens to the Vita I don't think we will see dramatic sales increase.

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