EA Announces Record Holiday Quarter, Battlefield, Mercs 2 Delay

EA has announced holiday quarter results of $1.5 billion in sales -- the largest in its history, driven by sales of Madden, Rock Band and The Simpsons, but losses of $33 million, and delays for Battlefield: Bad Company and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames to an undetermined time after spring.

The publisher's sales were up 17 percent over the year prior driven by the above titles as well as Need for Speed Pro Street, FIFA 08, The Sims 2 Castaway, and NBA Live 08. Its losses come after profits of $160 million in 2006.

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Jack Bauer4330d ago

dangit...battlefield bad company delayed... im beginning to think this is going to be an Alan Wake...we want it but it's always a year away at least.

jackdoe4330d ago

Wow. I am surprised that EA actually does QA for some of its games. Wow. After all those sh!tty releases, I thought they didn't care about quality. They probably still don't, but at least it is nice to see that the people at DICE and Pandemic do.

sak5004330d ago

The delay would hopefully mean the kinks will be worked out rather than making us pay for their beta releases ala BF series. It took numerous patches to bring BF/BF:Vietnam/BF2 and BF2142 to come to acceptable level. I'm a huge fan of BF series and been playing for last 5 years but no way we need buggy releases on consoles atleast.

hotrider124329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

Im a need for speed fan from day one and prostreet imo is the worst ever!!!! made.. EA should of lost big money for that crappy sh!tty game. I hope the next installment be much better even with delays. I hope and pray a hotpursuit3 or highstakes 2 be the next one. cops.cops and more COPS!!!!!
how many guys did not buy prostreet?? besides me??