Mass Effect 3 and the War of Expectations

Day One DLC, Multiplayer and THAT ENDING! It all combined to make Mass Effect 3 one of the most contentious games in recent memory. But was it all just hype of our own making?

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googergieger2781d ago

Hype created by the critics that gave ME3 a free pass and then called the people that dared to disagree with them, "entitled". People expected better than the first two. It wasn't even as good as the first two.

V1ncent1Zer02780d ago

When ME3 is good, it is very very good. When it is bad, it is horrid. There were several moments within the game when I was genuinely choked with emotion. Something that was not so powerfully provoked in the previous 2 games. For me that is a positive achievement within a gaming medium. The ending was what it was. I don't know whether sci fi as a genre within gaming that is difficult to provide a universally satisfying ending especially concluding a trilogy. There have been successful concluding novels of a trilogy that have relied on a deus ex machina. Peter F Hamilton's recent trilogies have fallen into the same trap and may be considered weak endings after the wonderfully wrought work that proceeded in the previous two books of each respective trilogy. Would ME3's endings have worked in another medium? Perhaps, perhaps not?

It was perhaps brave to attempt something different from the traditional rpg ending, but was it appropriate? After two games laying the foundation for an epic confrontation, I think not. Those gamers who invested right from the start of the franchise deserved to be rewarded for their loyality to and love of Mass Effect. This is not entitlement but a challenge to be met, and through artistic licence exceeded. Do not react but refine. Do not pander to all gamers at the end of the trilogy but embrace those who have been with the franchise from its beginning (or part two for our ps3 brethen).