GamingBolt's Hybrid Review


Hybrid is an unique third-person shooter from 5TH Cell, developers of the critically acclaimed Scribblenauts. It’s unique in the sense that, it’s a bit different than similar shooters in the same genre with respect to how the movement system works. Here in Hybrd, you have jetpacks are are mostly in the air. This creates a lot of challenges when you consider it’s a competitive multiplayer only game.

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OC_MurphysLaw2785d ago

Nice write up. I totally agree with this assessment. Its a good $15 dollar shooter. Its easily been my most played shooter for the past 2 weeks but not sure it will stay there. What I love is I feel I can load it up any time, play a few rounds and be out. You will have great games and you will get owned... but the matches are short enough you never feel like you are just F'd and want to rage quite.