Compromises Limit Appeal of Apple's Lightest-Ever Laptop

Wahington Post writes:

"Laptop design has always been about compromise.

Though they've come a long way in the past few years,laptopshave never been able to offer the features available in desktop computers, and certainly not at comparable prices. In order to squeeze an entire computer into a portable shell (and have it be power-efficient enough to run on a battery for hours at a timef), computer-makers have to throw features overboard. And the smaller and lighter the laptop, the more compromise there needs to be."

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wageslave4326d ago

The apple air laptop is a study in form over function. It has extremely limited function, and makes far too many comprimises.

Its purpose is to help Apple CEO Steve Jobs extend the MPAA / RIAA regime onto laptops. Since Jobs is the largest single shareholder of MPAA / RIAA zealot Disney Corporation (and sits on the board), he has moved into opening up markets for MPAA / RIAA DRM Digital Downloads.

Ipod, appletv, air even the iphone is meant to provide iTunes revenue for Apple, and to get into the spaces where people were formally using their Fair Use rights to get media in those spaces (Phones have mp3 players, appletv has consoles + Media Computers, and the air has had the DVD removed(!))

There are vastly better options in this space, here are a few much better options for less money:

The air is a disaster and a study in fail.

ITR4325d ago

Are you spewing propaganda nonsense...?
My guess you dislike Apple products for some reason or another.
I remember when folks said the iPod was too expensive and it too would fail.

Folks that buy a Macbook Air want it for portability not editing their next HD movie.
Who would buy a MBA. Someone who travels a lot and uses it for internet/email, chatting, office suite work, coding, writing your next novel and etc...
Anyone that buys a MBA and expects it to run on par with a MBP is a fool to begin with.
If you need MBP performance...then buy a MBP.

I'm buying a new MBP sometime this yr.