As Gamescom Closes, Vita Sales Still Holding Steady In Japan‎

Greg Aldridge:

E3 already feels like it was a long time ago and it was just prior to that show when we last took a comparative look at the PS Vita’s sales performance in Japan. At the time it was broadly expected that the PS Vita would be a significant part of Sony’s E3 presentation. Instead that honour seemed to go to Wonderbook of all things.

We were certainly wrong about the PS Vita getting a convincing showing at E3 but we also fully expected the PS Vita to get a late June boost in Japan from the release of the white PS Vita and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. From our first look at the sales performance of the PS Vita taking into account the broader trends in the Japan videogames console market, the PS Vita has been maintaining around a 7% share of the overall unit sales.

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remanutd552787d ago

what is this site about? i thought this was supposed to be a gaming site but heck it looks to me that im getting a sales analyst bachelor's degree for free because thats the main topic on this site, lots of sales analysts in this site but few true gamers lol, we are just gamers let the sales to the companies involved thats not your business.

you want a sales analyst bachelor's degree well its easy just sign up on or better yet lol

Games, Apps, entertainment is what should really matter to us. Let the companies loosing, gaining money worry about their finances.

Xof2787d ago

Makes sense. Sony is giving the Vita quite a lot of love in Japan.

It's only the North American branch that decided to say "fuck it."