NZ Gamer - Star Wars: 1313 Preview

NZ Gamer - Apparently, just about every one of you out there desperately wants a Star Wars game where you play as a cool, ruthless bounty hunter. That’s what I was told, anyway, but it does sound neat to play as a Boba Fett-alike and dive headfirst into the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe.

And that’s exactly what you’ll literally be doing in 1313, the somewhat oddly-named new major Star Wars title from LucasArts. Actually, now that I think about it, you could slap any subtitle on the end of the words ‘Star Wars’ and it’d still sell like hotcakes. Star Wars: Pony Hug. Star Wars: Slug Simulator X. Star Wars: Rise of the Bowel Problems [I think I'm playing that one now - Ed]. You get the idea.

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