Why Prey 2 was removed from Bethesda's website


What's going on with Prey 2? In April, Bethesda said it wouldn't be a 2012 game. But now, Prey 2 has disappeared from Bethesda's online portfolio.
What gives, pray tell?

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user54670072781d ago

Hopefully they are starting from scratch and making a true Prey sequel with Tommy as the main character.

This game may aswell been a new IP for all I care.

GillHarrison2780d ago

I see you comment on about every sequel to a franchise and bitch about any changes they make to the game.

WeskerChildReborned2780d ago

I think once in a blue moon i see a positive comment from him aha no disrespect though but yea, hopefully Prey 2 is still in development.

user54670072780d ago

Oh I'm sorry that every developer has to ruin a franchise but trying to appeal to a differn't crowd.

Why is it anyone who has a differn't opinion gets hated on by personal attack comment like yours, it's un called for. If you don't like someones comment just ignore them


-Omega2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Your comment was un called for, as the guy said, if don't like his comment then ignore him.

I think this blog sums it up nicely

Besides can you blame him, developers do try and change (ruin) games to appeal to a new audience. It' like a giant middle finger to old fans.

DLC, Disc locked content, developers lying to us...theres a lot of stuff this gen that will make people p*ssed off.

Cajun Chicken2780d ago

Agree on all counts with MikeCosgrove.

I'm a huge fan of the original Prey and removing Tommy, portals and shifting gravity is ripping out all the soul of Prey. Prey 2 was never a sequel.

calis2780d ago

I thought it was cancelled awhile ago?

Whitefeather2780d ago

No they said it was delayed to be retooled because it wasn't up to Bethesda's standard.

AusRogo2780d ago

It wasn't buggy enough! Lol

IWentBrokeForGaming2780d ago


Took the words right out of my mouth! haha

DarthJay2780d ago

This game looks incredible, and I hope it comes out even if it is called something else. I have had it on preorder for a long time now. I am OK with them starting over, just don't scrap what you've already shown us, because I want THAT too.

IWentBrokeForGaming2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

am I the only one that thinks Bethesda is a overrated dev?

They take good concepts and butcher them by releasing them wayyyy too buggy!

FarCryLover1822780d ago

There is a difference between Bethesda the dev and Bethesda the developer...

FarCryLover1822780d ago

Wow I meant publisher and dev. Hah

MySwordIsHeavenly2780d ago

Even if we are talking about Bethesda the developer, the games they make are MASSIVE and detailed. They don't have time to fix every single bug in the game. They do more QA than almost any developer out there, but the problem is that the game world is so freaking huge.

I'll take a buggy masterpiece over shiny mediocrity.

ApolloTheBoss2780d ago

Just rename it Bladerunner: The Game. That shit will sell like hot cakes.