Fallout 4: Beantown Bound?

A redditor using the handle fallout4boston claims to have inside information revealing Boston, Massachusetts as the setting of Fallout 4. Although we all know to take any kind of message board post with a huge grain of salt, Beantown certainly makes sense as a possible location for a forthcoming Fallout title. Boston is ripe with the kind of history the post apocalyptic series likes to warp to its own devices, and the city’s booming technology sectors–not to mention its proximity to MIT–would make great fodder for Fallout’s tales of twisted technology. Giant mutant rats all ready prowl Allston and Brighton, so additional mutated wildlife wouldn’t seem like that much of a stretch. Add in a dose of the organized crime for which certain neighborhoods of the city are famous, and you’ve got one heck of a setting for a post-apocalyptic RPG. If Bethesda needs inspiration for what such a setting might look like, all they have to do is check out what’s left of the Filene’s building in Downtown Crossing.

As a lifelong New Englander and a ten-year veteran of the Boston area, I find the possibility downright intriguing. How cool would it be to blast super mutants on Boylston Street or wipe out a band of slavers that’s taken up residence on the common? Exploring the city I call home in video game form would just be flat out fun.

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