Lifting the bonnet: Criterion talks about the engine powering NFS: Most Wanted, map size, and 30fps

For Criterion, fun is everything. Huge crashes, epic jumps and intense bumper-to-bumper racing combine to make up the hallmarks of each of the studio's racers. But in spite of the focus on playability for its upcoming open-world racer Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Criterion has still managed to craft one of the slickest looking racers on console.

Here, VideoGamer talks to producer Matt Webster about the technical side of Need For Speed: Most Wanted, starting with the advances the developer has made on PlayStation Vita.

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DJ2781d ago

Looks like Call of Duty's 8 person multiplayer isn't so bad after all. Vita's a quad-core system, but runs at 800 Mhz. It's probably the best Criterion could do.

ShadowHoundXW2781d ago

A few facts to consider. One the vita's version of most wanted looks very, very stunning. Have you seen the screenshots? On top of that the maps are in an open world area, compared to call of duty's tiny maps, as well as one of the crappiest graphics on the vita that ive seen, its quite an accomplishment to even have multiplayer. So no, 4v4 for call of duty is definitely not something to be happy abt.

Hazmat132781d ago

they should like use that engine and somehow make BLACK 2 with it.... like now...... right now..... do it.... please..... lol

JellyJelly2781d ago

"Q: Is there a story mode in the game?

MW: No. Ten most wanted cars. There can be only one. Games are way too serious. We just want to get back to the fun. There's too much shooting."

Thank you, Criterion!

dodo1012781d ago

Sorry i think it's crap only 4 player mp.
I just hope killzone M can do better than that!
atleast 12 players i hope