Beyond Two Souls: ‘Actors don’t want to be a face on an avatar shooting people’ – Cage

Beyond: Two Souls director and writer David Cage has told VG247 that the game will send a strong message to both the game and film industries for the way it uses actors to increase the connection between gamers and the medium.

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fastrez2781d ago

Unless they get paid millions for it of course.

patlike2781d ago

The man has a point. I think we've seen all the shooting at this point.

Xperia_ion2781d ago

I like shooting and hugs,

Alos882781d ago

I don't think actors are too bothered by what they have to do, as long as it isn't demeaning and they get paid.

Darrius Cole2781d ago

I think actors and actresses define "demeaning things" as things that they don't get paid enough to do.

LanifJec2781d ago

I think it also comes down to, for many actors, whether it is worth their talents. The Interactive Medium isn't what you'd call respected yet, and most people do still see it as a bunch of fat peperoni-faced nerds eating pizza, peeing into bottles, and shooting things all day and night. I don't know very many people who would want to be associated with that image.

Vortex3D2781d ago

You need to remember, movie actors today are still not used to the idea of die in the story and then come back to life before that happens and retry again. But on video games, most are expected to do that. It's normal for the main character in the story to die many times before the story ends. (If you play at hardest difficulty, your character lifetime could be a few seconds to minutes each time).

Just tell any Hollywood actor that in the game story he/she plays, there are 50 places or conditions in the story where the character could die. To an actor, 50 places or conditions sound like a lot but to a gamer, that's nothing.

If David Cage type of game will be successful for several more years, more actors should see making games are completely different strategy than Hollywood movies.

cleft52781d ago

Yep, no actor wants to be an action movie star going around killing tons of people. No actor in their right mind wants to be involving with that sort of project. Whats that? Expendables 2 you say, Total Recall you say, Walking Tall you say, The Terminator you say, almost every action based Hollywood movie you say? Well that doesn't count.

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