Battlefield 3: Pure Armored Kill Gameplay Footage

Check out some new gameplay footage of Battlefield 3 Armored Kill.

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BattleAxe2789d ago

Do people still play this game?

coolmaster2789d ago

not sure if joke or another stupid cod kid...

Themba762789d ago

hell yea alot better than MW3 what you need to ask is do ppl still play cod

AO1JMM2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


pandehz2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Ummm lol its my daily dose of gameplay.
Every other game I play once and maybe some rpg's twice but thats it.

BF3 on the other hand is a regular thing for me.

What FIFA is for football fans who have a daily dose of it.
BF3 is like that for me and many others who I meet on a regular basis on the servers

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Hufandpuf2789d ago

i can't wait to play Rush on these maps!

RenegadeRocks2789d ago

There ain't nothing like BF3 in this world ! Most fav MP ever ! and CQC maps are the best ever ! SCRAPMETAL ROCKSSSS !!

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