Dust 514 Neocom Vita App Promises “MMO on the go”

Posted by Fred Dutton // SCEE Blog Manager -

Looking for a little more depth from your FPS? Hugely ambitious free-to-play sci-fi shooter Dust 514 might be just the ticket. CCP‘s PlayStation 3 exclusive sits alongside its enormously popular PC space MMO Eve Online, with players’ actions in one game directly affecting the environment in the other. See our recent post from the Icelandic developer for more on exactly how this plays out.

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Emilio_Estevez2781d ago

I wanna see how that actually works.

Dms20122781d ago

I sort of wish Eve would go free to play so I can get the experience from both sides.

HammadTheBeast2781d ago

For some people it is, they get supplied from other sources, or lead large corporations, which allows them to pay for their subscription with in-game money.

rpd1232781d ago

They should have actually made it so you could have direct gameplay. I don't really care about customizing my character or buying stuff, I'd like to play Dust 514 on the go.

DigitalAnalog2781d ago

You know, with SONY's acquisition to cloud gaming. I don't see why Eve Online couldn't be streamed to the Vita. The touch-screen makes an EXCELLENT interface to control EVE. The extra buttons can be used as hot keys or to handle context menu interfaces.