Dishonored: new gameplay reveals Lady Boyle mission

VG247: It’s hot. It’s bothered. It’s Dishonored. Head in for video of Arkane creative head Raf Colantonio explaining your way through brand new footage of the Lady Boyle mission.

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lastdual2789d ago

Arkane looks like they really hit it out of the park with this. Really wish we saw more games like Dishonored, Thief and Deus Ex.

noisemedia2789d ago

Yes! Its so good to see something new thats not coming out in like 2014. I cant wait for this one!

ame222789d ago

People need to get this more out there. Much like Deus Ex:HR, Dishonored will surprise many people. Goty material right here.

rdgneoz32789d ago

Hope not the same surprises with the boss fights as in Deus Ex: HR. Loved everything about the game except those...

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