6 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Play

From the feature: "We’ve all experienced a gaming drought in our lives. It’s worse for people in school because they have so much time to play games, but have little to no money to spend on games. Soon or later you’re going to run out of games, and quite frankly, that sucks. I’m experiencing it as I’m typing, since I’ve pretty much finished everything I’ve owned as well as the games that don’t appeal to me whatsoever. I do have a crapton of other games, but mostly I have a reason for giving up on them such as being frustrated out of my mind or being bored shitless.

Since having absolutely nothing to write about I figured I’ll compile a list of things to do when you can not play games."

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fOrlOnhOpe572780d ago

I have the opposite problem with PS+. I have a huge backlog to work through. Just not enough hours in the day.

Freakazoid20122780d ago

The most popular on this site seems to be trolling the articles for companies you dont support looking for senseless reasons to hate even if they do not have any merit.

Tacklebait2780d ago

Trolling on trolling . Awesome!

MGTHABO2780d ago

Can you elaborate on your comment because I seriously have no idea what your talking about.

Freakazoid20122780d ago

Go to any article about Nintendo and see how many people come just to hate them
Go to any Vita article and look at the number of people there just to hate it and call it a failure.

While I don't think everything should be all positive all the time, it's obvious for some people hating is just a way of life.

I'll never own a MS console but you also wont find me in MS articles talking about something I want nothing to do with. It's honestly just sad when people have nothing better to do than to focus on what they hate.

I hate Burger King but I don't spend my time talking about them. I'd rather focus on the things I enjoy rather than the things I don't

MGTHABO2780d ago

And if I may ask, how is this relevant at all to the article you're commenting on?

Freakazoid20122780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

"6 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Play"

6 things to do when you have nothing to play and you actually ask me what my post about what some people do when they arent playing has to do with the article about what people do when they arent playing..... WoW...

wait 4 comments in 144 days. That tells me you most likely are an alt account and you are one of the people I speak of...

Come back and post under your main account and then we will know why you took offense to my post

MGTHABO2779d ago

I am the author of this post and it was purely made with jest. Just a fun little comedic distraction from gaming. Have you even read the whole article? I didn't bad mouth a single gaming company. I didn't have any new games to play so I just made this funny little feature for shits and giggles. I don't know why you're so upset.