Three Phenomenal Indie Pioneers Who Put Triple-A Gaming To Shame

The vast majority of big-budget gaming giants may be playing it safe with tiresome FPSs and identikit action titles, but the innovative indie scene continues to be a source of fantastic new ideas and groundbreaking creations.

Mark Butler tips his hat to a trio of talented indie upstarts, whose captivating efforts embarrass their humdrum mainstream rivals.

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CaptainCamper2780d ago

An interesting read. Thanks :D

Neckbear2780d ago


Now really, Super Meat Boy is a flash game, Penumbra is...okay, I guess, and Journey isn't even a game. What an amazing trifecta...well, I could be more dismissive, but I suppose these are decent enough. Indie developers are capable of much worse, and that much worse is actually what tends to appear generally.

In fact, this article seems rather fond of that: generalizations. And it's pretty much the only thing it can mention to dismiss bigger games BC TEH INDIEZ R COOLZ.

shodan742780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

In my opinion, The Binding Of Isaac, Amnesia and Journey are all great games. And yes, I did find them entertaining.

Indie devs have a freedom that those working for major Triple-A outfits and publishers don't, and it can - not always, but sometimes - translate into some truly innovative and groundbreaking experiences when combined with hard work, vision and talent.

In my opinion, the people mentioned in the article are all shining examples of this. Major big-budget games can be fantastically entertaining and fun at their best, but these days they are rarely innovative and tend to 'play it safe'.

Alos882780d ago

Having your first sentence in all caps hurt your argument a lot, though I didn't think much of it in the first place.

Hicken2780d ago

He had an argument? I thought he was just talking out of his ass.

tarbis2779d ago

He's ranting about something but I can't understand. Maybe about his constipation? That's why all the shit came out of his mouth instead of his ass.

telekineticmantis2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Some of these big companies are scared to take risks and do something different or change up the formula because of the return on investment needed.

Good Article.