How Us Old, Lame Dudes Can Kick Butt On Call Of Duty Multiplayer Games

Yes, even us old folks can compete with the younger set on Call Of Duty multiplayer games, in spite of the fact that our reflexes aren't quite as finely tuned. Here's how.

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ironwolf7772789d ago

Weak... Weak... Useless article. All bad advice. It has to be a joke topic but there's no actual joke.
I'm an old lame dude and i encourage you to do the opposite of everything this guy suggests.
Really, I have not read such a garbage article in a long time.

BattleAxe2788d ago

I out-camp and out-kill most of these young punks today. When you see me going 32-2, you know how I'm roll'n on these suckas. My avatar in Black Ops was some dude warming his hands by the fire.

ChronoJoe2788d ago

Very poorly written article with some pretty poor advice.

As long as your younger than 60 your reactions should be within capable ranges. You can still build muscle memory like anyone else, you can still get good. Resigning yourself to camping and rushing at kill confirmed tags all day is just weak. Might as well just play singleplayer games if you can't compete at even the lowest level lol

Sgt_Slaughter2788d ago

It's not that hard to out gun someone in CoD considering all you get is kids 5-10.

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The story is too old to be commented.