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Jio2787d ago

My excitement for this game just jumped through the roof!

TheModernKamikaze2787d ago

I share your excitement!
Honestly, this is the only game I'm waiting for if it's in 2013.

TheModernKamikaze2787d ago

I said if it's in 2013 right?
other than GTA V, I'm also waiting for Borderlands 2.

scotchmouth2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Those 2 and bioshock infinite for me. Glad to see the bicycle and jet return!

blumatt2787d ago

Please let this be more like San Andreas and less like GTA 4. San Andreas was much more enjoyable imo. More things to do. Gangs. Relationships. And exercising to keep up your stamina. Kind of brought a "Sims-esque" feel to it.

AntoineDcoolette2787d ago

The graphics on GTAV are going to be that good? Seriously? That good? O_o

PoSTedUP2787d ago

this game is going to be huge. in GTAIV they had to put a lot of time into the new engine, graphics and development and less features into the actual game. this time around they have more time (and money) dedicated to the actual game.

rockstar are ill.

aCasualGamer2787d ago

Are those photoshopped?

If not, this will be the greatest looking game in the history of great looking games. I truly hope that GTA V will be a PS3, 360 and PC title. I really don't want to wait until the new consoles release before i get to buy this game.

Dee_912787d ago

@AntoineDcoolette @aCasualGamer @NathanExplosion
when was the last time you guys played gtaiv?
it looks pretty much the same.
Nathan those trees are a dead giveaway its on console
Because those trees look just like gta iv trees on console whereas the trees on pc look abit better.
I say this in every GTAV article.I dont mind if the graphics are just like gtaiv because gta iv graphics are good enough as long as we have more stuff to do.

Dasteru2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )


LOL GTA fanboys are hilarious,

GTA Vice city releases, everyone says it sucks and GTA 3 is the best.

SA releases, everyone says it sucks and Vice city is the best. Major harping towards the excersise and eating mechanics.

GTA4 releases, everyone says it sucks and SA is the best. Complimets its excersise and eating mechanics.

$20 says when GTA5 releases, everyone will be hating on it and saying GTA4 was the best.

PoSTedUP2787d ago

gta4 was good but it was lacking compared to SA, SA was the biggest one. they were all good imo, GTAIII being my favorite, LCstories was good but i didn't get to play LCstories because i got it on vita and it sucks on the Vita it's pretty much unplayable due to frame rate issues, im sure it's a good game. #realGTAfan

OhMyGandhi2787d ago

you should have just said, "I share your excitement!"

gatormatt802787d ago

I just wonder how long its gonna take for some website to make a release date out of that license plate??

_-EDMIX-_2787d ago

@dasteru.....??? Yeah i bet you wished that was the real reason why GTA fans HATE GTAIV. They hate it because its the lessor of the series. Small, less features etc. I don't know where you heard that damn lie from.


GTAV is getting praise JUST from features that have been in GTASA, ie its not even showing us new features JUST features that GTASA had.

This is the true next gen GTA ONLY if it has MORE features and is bigger then GTASA.

ie, get ready for the 360 version to be on 5 disk and have a mandatory install. We all know why GTAIV sucked and the change will be on MS part with the disk count or the HDD or BOTH.

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Knight_Crawler2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Agreed! R* knew they screwed over the GTA San Andres fans by giving us that piece of [email protected] that is GTA 4 that had more restrictions than the JFK airport.

I mean how do you go from driving tanks, jet packs, planes and having a huge map to being restricted to a certain area of a tiny map until your pass a mission.

For those people who disagree you have to be blind to not see that GTA 4 was not on par with the other GTA games specially San Andres.

Edit: LOL at the coward disagrees. I guess you guys enjoyed going bowling, playing darts, watching cable, going on the internet to find a date, being able to paint your car only 4 colors, buying used Russian stuff to wear, getting phones calls every minute asking you to pick them up, driving cars with butter wheels, fighting hobos... if I wanted to do all that lame stuff I would play The Sims.

But from the little that we have seen so far it seems that R* heard the cries of the true fans and is making GTA 4 like San Andres but 100 x better.

darren_poolies2787d ago

I agree. GTA: SA is far and away the best GTA games. I was so crushingly disappointing by GTA4 that I never even bothered finishing it and considering I completed SA around 4 times, that's pretty bad.

Knight_Crawler2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@ Darren - at least someone feels my frustration and I too did not complete GTA 4 because apart from everything I mentioned that felt lame the game missions were too repetitive.

Nikko was likeable but felt more like a messenger boy than a BOSS...maybe that changes later on in the game and Nikko tells all his friends and annoying causing to go...them selfs and call a cab.

Shreddar - You really enjoyed that? I bet you also enjoyed picking up your friends and drinking a beer with them or going on the fake internet just browsing random men/women to date.

Guess what I socialize in real life and the last thing I want to do is do it in a video game with some AI. Maybe you should try it sometimes...its easy call some real friends and ask them if they want to go to the mall or a sports to have a cold one.

DA_SHREDDER2787d ago

I actually enjoyed sitting on the couch and watching tv on GTA4, so piss off pal!

Soylent_Green2787d ago

I don't think they wanted him to be a boss. I liked that it wasn't the usual rags to riches gta story. In a way gta is growing up and it's unfortunate the "True" fans can't apreciate it the same as us false fans.

hkgamer2787d ago

never really played san andreas. Actually most GTA games I only play for a few minutes and then get bored.
GTAIV got me hooked and I actually played around 75% which is more than all GTA games put together. I guess GTA IV and all the side episodes were not for GTA fans but for other gamers.

ProjectDeputy2787d ago

agreed GTA4 was a pile of shit
lets hope this one delivers cause they have competition now and its called watch dogs.

i hope the protagonist of san andreas will appear in this one love the guy xd

FunkMacNasty2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@ NightKrawler - I disagree (proudly and openly and not "cowardly") with your stance on GTA 4. I agree that GTA SA had more to do and more character progression, but to me playing through GTA IV was like sitting through a Quentin Tarantino mobster flick.

Yea, getting calls from NPC's to hang out all the time was annoying, but far from a deal breaker in my opinion. If you think that getting phone calls from NPC's asking you to play optional mini games was what ruined GTA IV, then you didn't give the game a chance. Then again, you say "you could only paint your car 4 colors" (which was not true) and that "you couldn't buy anything but used russian clothes" (so obviously you didn't play past the first unlockable part of Liberty City--which you admit. So you probably didn's get to the meat of the story which had many plot twists and turns and further engrossing characters. And if you didn't at least get a chuckle out of watching some of the TV shows and browsing the in-game internet pages, then you don't understand satire and that type of humor. And by "socializing" you mean "go to the mall with your friends" so that means you must be too young to get satirical humor or to fully enjoy an adult-oriented game like GTA IV, which actually required attention to the story and not just meaningless sandbox mayhem. playing GTA.

NeoTribe2787d ago

Hey Project, first of all its called sleeping dogs and second of all its not even as good of a game as gta4 let alone gta5.

cornroves2787d ago

They are two different games, you should look up watch dogs if you haven't. I don't think you would be as irritated if you've actually have seen the gameplay of watch dogs...

nix2787d ago

i dunno why you go so many disagrees. GTA IV was crap! didn't finish the game either.

A-Glorious-Dawn2787d ago

I understand your complaints and agree somewhat with some of them.

However overall I really enjoyed GTA IV, I mean many parts of it could have been improved upon, but what they created was undeniably impressive.

I mean, its a living breathing city with a fidelity unmatched by any game to date. other sandbox games do a good job, but few come close to what they did in GTA.
I understand the complaints, personally I never picked up Roman or anyone who wanted to 'hang out' unless it was for a drink because watching Niko drunkenly stumble around is too hilariously tempting to pass up.

I think the game is good, It could do with some major improvements and pace tweaking though. Missions can get repetitive, I think the whole map should be unlocked from the start. Having bits locked off is a feeble effort to try and give the player a reward for progression. The story and pacing would be far better if every mission incorporated different areas of the city from the start, making it harder for you to learn the map so quickly, which is what ruins sandbox games for me...

ThanatosDMC2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Lots of people talking trash about San Andreas never even played the damn game. GTA4 is like 20% of what San Andreas was.

I finished both but GTA4 couldnt hold a candle to SA. GTA4 missions were horrible some of the characters that were introduced only had a few lines till you never saw them again.

Dee_912787d ago

gta sa better therefore gta iv bad.
thats 4 year old way of thinking.
gtaiv wasnt as good but it was still good.

darren_poolies2787d ago


I think the 'true' fans you are referring to are the people who are will to admit when they do not like a game in one of their favorite series.

darren_poolies2787d ago


Umm you do know that there is actually a game called Watch Dogs coming out right? He could be referring to that.

Soylent_Green2787d ago

I didn't mean it like that, The term true fan is nonsense. two people can have contradictory opinions to the game but still be a fan of the serious. No need for elitism.
I find it's pretty common that people slam gta 4 for what it didn't have in relation to san andreas. Realistically how could it? It was a brand new engine, new physics system and running on relatively new systems at the time. I can see why some people wouldn't have enjoyed it as much but growing up with the serious since the first playstation I liked where it went.

_-EDMIX-_2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@FunkMacNasty- No one here hates GTAIV because of what it does...we hate it because of what it wasn't doing. GTAIV does all those thing better i know, but it forgot to be the most important thing....a GTA game first. Is there a reason why GTAIV could not have had those SAME features and story and still been a great game? Yes and no. Yes GTAIV would had been a GREAT game with those features added, a bigger city then GTASA AND of course its same story, but no i could not have been done and for one reason and one reason only.

The Format.

Before i state this to you, i'm going to tell you some facts.

GTASA used 5.2GB, GTAIV used 6.8GB.

I think it comes down to something like this. It has to do with the format used. I think Sony having Bluray and MS using DVD9 (some format and space as last gen's systems)

are what allowed them to make such leaps in terms of exclusive games, ie something GTAIV was not this gen. PSN will show you JUST how much space a regular PS3 exclusive takes up (its quite a lot, based on games historically getting bigger each gen not smaller)

Its games like that ^ which show you that even if you have the hardware (N64) doesn't mean you'll get games like (FFVII or in this cause GTASA sequel thats NOT GTAIV). What I mean is, disk formats are hardware too and really matter in every game generation. Nintendo lost that game generation JUST because of the format they choose. 64mb to about 800mb. Makes a huge difference between games like MGS1, GT1 and GT2, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX etc. Mind you those games OUT OF THE GATE had 2 disk, or 3 or EVEN 4. So they actually really needed close to 3.2 gigs. 64mb isn't going to cut it.

And using that as an example, its not that game developers don't need it just because of games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Banjo series, Conker (not sure why i can only remember rare games right now lol) didn't need it, its that they had to make a game around 64mb and clearly they need that ram pack that Nintendo had to offer later that gen for games like DK (or in MS case with GTAV, its likely it will be a mandatory install)

We went from 5.2GB to 6.8GB. What is Rockstar to exactly do with that? Were asking them to make a GTA game better then GTASA, but use the same space, but we want better AI, physics, online MP, better graphics, IN HD, at a high frame, more features etc.

This just can't be. JUST like FFVII on an N64. Those same respects apply here. FFVII was made on PS1 using 3 disk, if it was going to be made on N64 and not we really think it would be the same game? As if Square was just going to use 32 cartridges to make this epic? No they would (just like all the other N64 developers) scale there games back to fit a realistic space limit.

This is what GTAIV is. A FFVII for N64. or a GTAIV for 360.

We can go at it all day with the whole stupid lie about them "choosing" to make it realistic thus having to strip features .....or we can clearly see that this GTA is a first for 2 things. A first to use such a small format after a gen has started and also the first to use less features after the last game released. But i bet thats just a coincidence. LMFAO while SMFH AT THE SAME TIME!


but i bet none of those played a factor in it though.^ lol.

Knight_Crawler2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

@EDIMAX - I dont think space is the reason why GTA4 sucked because if it was that then all R* would have had to do is release the 360 version on 2 disk and space problem solved.

Also Just Cause 2 showed that u can have a huge world on one disk with lots of other things included that were missing from GTA 4.

Another thing is that GTA 5 from the little that we have seen so far is mustering up to San Andres and bring back the mountain exploring and planes - GTA 5 is going to release on the 360 and PS3 so if what your saying is true then GTA 5 will have the same problem that GTA 4 had.

The problem why GTA 4 sucked was because R* said in an interview that they wanted to move away from the tongue and cheek that previous GTA games had and make the GTA brand a realistic mature series. This did not work out so well as alot of people complained about GTA 4 and R* are going to have to back track on there words and make GTA fun again.

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attilayavuzer2787d ago

And R* just left this comment on the article!!! Get the hype train rolling!!!

R* A1 hour, 39 minutes ago
Thanks for the love on today’s screens, all. More screens will be coming later this week.

BkaY2787d ago

holly batman nipples O_O

i have never been so excited just by looking at the screens.. but damn


r1sh122787d ago

Its good to see bicycles making a come back.
I just hope all the little things make it back too, car mods etc..
Yes GTA IV did not have everything that S.A did, but at the time not everything would fit on the disk.

_-EDMIX-_2787d ago


bubbles for your knowledge good sir. I feel just in my counter arguments and shall not feel the need to comment back on said matter. =)

Good to see someone knows a thing or 2 about game tech now days. There are silly people who think GTAIV was just made that way cause they "felt" like it. LOL!

r1sh122786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

LOOOL - I think most people do know why it was not as 'complete' as S.A was, but the ignorance takes over rational thought.

I do agree with some of your comments, about why GTA IV is not the best in the series. YOURE 100% CORRECT - Many hated it because of what content was missing from the game, "its what it didnt do"

I will say though, I did like GTA IV and they did create some great mechanics in that game, I loved the way cars and bikes drove. The aiming engine was pretty good, the falling was a little weird but generally good.
Even how soo many faces of the computer generated public were so different.

With the DLC, they made changes to the engine and you could see they were gearing towards future releases on the same engine.

Im sure that GTA V will at least be on 2 discs if not more on the 360, but I just cant wait.
I loved multiplayer on GTA IV, so I cant wait for GTA V.

I just hope that things like owning a business and having gangs comes back too

NnT32912787d ago

Rockstar always show in game images. Those are probably PC version

Awesome_Gamer2787d ago

Can't wait, looks so fucking awesome.

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TheModernKamikaze2787d ago

Notice the guy in the jet is the same old guy from the trailer? We pretty much know this is the protagonist.

torchic2787d ago

not sure why you got disagrees there. it's a very safe assumption to make.

DwightOwen2787d ago

They're just mad because they want a minority, like in San Andreas.

JasonXS122787d ago

Just take my money Rock star.

Crazyglues2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yes! indeed... I already pre-ordered this game from when they had that two-day 10 bucks off code on all pre-orders with free shipping and no tax..

This was a no-brainier with that deal.

So this is my most anticipated game, I can't wait for this one.. it's looking amazing


imXify2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

WOW ! Sexy new Cheetah <3

TopDudeMan2787d ago

Yeah, as always, the cars look really well done.