Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition announced with HDMI and pass-through support

XMNR: Hauppage announced Monday a follow-up to its popular HD PVR Gaming Edition recording device for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 that it says has higher performance, is smaller, and even easier to install.

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iamlegend99992782d ago

Finally going to buy one soon. Probably will just buy this one.

ThatHappyGamer2782d ago

Finally an external recorder with HDMI.

glennco2781d ago

the Elgato Game Capture HD for USB2 and Blackmagic Design Intensity for USB3 already exist.

rajman2782d ago

Shame Sony doesnt allow any capture device to connect to it via HDMI :(

Emilio_Estevez2782d ago

It is, but there is a workaround so you don't have to use components. Just need an HDMI splitter and a HDMI to component converter

solid_si2781d ago

This should have been the first Hauppague HD PVR

TotalSynthesisX2781d ago

This is great news, especially for me. I had the original PVR but it was highly succeptible to overloading if the wrong power cord was plugged in. I mistakingly plugged in the power cord that went to my steering wheel, which used about 1.5x the voltage of what the PVR was supposed to run on, so needless to say, the sucker burned up. Not literally, but it never worked again. Herp derp on my part.

Definitely getting one as soon as I can.