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GodisaGeek: "Putting things into perspective, it is very easy for me to forgive the issues that plague Papo & Yo; it is a truly special, highly original game, which managed to enchant and disturb in equal measure. How can you not admire a work that contains so much of its creator’s heart and soul, his own personal experiences, his own deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings manifested in pixel form? It certainly evoked very personal feelings of my own, which I will not elaborate upon here.

It shares, with the likes of Miyazaki’s finest works, the fantastical sense of what it means to inhabit and view the world through the eyes of a child, a place where walking alongside a hideous, glowering monster seems somehow more natural and makes perfect sense. This game is how Caballero has chosen to confront his demons, and for that it is truly something to be admired."

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